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It Happened This Week: City girls in Toronto, Betty’s financial scandal and another round of the Boys vs. the Girls on The Real World: Brooklyn

The City / The City Live After Show
Everyone but Allie ended up going to Miami. I don’t think there was an actual reason for them to be there expect for the show to cause a little drama with Whitney/Jay by having his ex-girlfriend Danielle show up at the club. Danielle apologized to Whit for stirring some shit up earlier in the season. Whit let it go…you know cause nothing happened between Dannielle and Jay. Allie had to stay in NY because of her photo shoot with Nylon Magazine. Lucky for her, there was no bath tub involved…however there was a male model who offered to go get a beer (or some Snapple) after the shoot. Allie originally shot him down but after finding out from Erin that Adam was surrounded by 15 sets of boobs in Miami, Allie decided to take Snapple guy out on his offer. I’m not sure if this is the first time we met Jay’s band mate Potssy. Is Potssy a nickname? Now, I’m open to weird names…especially if they are foreign, but who goes about and aggress to call himself Potssy? Anyway we met Potssy’s girlfriend Jess who used to live with Jay. Whitney asks Jess her perspective on Jay and she hesitates at first. Jess ends up saying that Jay is an “interesting” guy but he has a temper. Oh and that he is somewhat untrustworthy. Hmmm, and Whitney had to beg her to get this information? I’m sorry but if I were a chick and I knew her new boyfriend had a bad tempter and was untrustworthy, I’d warn her before she got Chris Brown-ed.

The biggest disappointment in this episode was the complete lack of Olivia. What on earth did the tressed goddess deserve do to miss out on an episode. Without Olivia, there was no reason for a Nevan update. Are they still living together? Did he get a job?

Whitney and Erin appeared in-studio at the City Live After Show in Toronto this week. You know who else lives in Toronto? Erin’s on/off boyfriend Duncan…couldn’t they have got him on? Viewers were treated to some special footage of an upcoming episode where Jay must choose between going on tour with his band or staying with Whitney. Right, Whitney, you are dating a musician. He gets paid to tour. If he ditches the tour, it would be like not going to work. Deal with it. Or better yet, cut him loose. What is it with reality girls chasing after idiot guys? We got used to Lauren, Audrina and Heidi doing this…but we always thought Whitney was above this.

The sexual tension between Jack and FBI Agent Renee Walker is intense. I was so expecting them to start making out during their fight. I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer. Agent Walker is played by Annie Wersching who had a short stint on General Hospital last year (which she left for this role) where she played Sam’s producer and enemy. DIdn’t really care much for her then since she was just a foil to Kelly Monaco’s character and ended up hooking up the pathetic mobster Sonny but Wersching is seriously proving herself on 24.

Project Runway Canada
I still can’t believe this show is shot in Ottawa. I’m not advocating a move to Toronto, now way. But this show should be set in our country’s fashion capital – Montreal. This week’s challenge had the designers work on transforming old wedding dresses for divorcees. It was nice of them to include an ethnic wedding dress. They even had the ex-wife of an Ottawa mayor. So everyone is upset that they sacked Baylor and kept Genevieve…why would they do that you ask? Well, the Genevieve and her feud with Old Man Jeff. I am really enjoying their rivalry. It was much needed. Everyone is way too polite. I hope they continue to go at it in the next episode.

Real World: Brooklyn
J.D. going ballistic was hilarious. First off, Chet’s concern for a missing Ryan was very touching. Forget about Brody’s quest for a Bromance, those pranksters Chet and Ryan should get their own spin-off. Was none of the other house guests concerned that Ryan wasn’t home at 3AM? He doesn’t seem to be the one to just party off like that. Why was Devyn still on the phone at 4AM? J.D. breaking the table during the fight with Sarah was good. Those girls need to start cleaning up after themselves. It was funny when J.D. ran off with the phone but did he really need to throw it into the water? Sucks that he went to a pawn shop to buy a replacement phone? I’m sure he has enough saved from his years at Sea World to buy the house a nicer phone; after all, he didn’t have to throw it overboard. I really hate Katelynn. I feel sorry for the guys. No one should have to see her walk around like that. And what is with her ghetto-speak? Isn’t she from West Palm Beach? I hope J.D. starts working on his anger issues. J.D., Katelynn and Sarah can go work at those social centres and help other kids but they need to start fixing themselves first.

Ugly Betty
I wasn’t really digging the Wilhelmina/Connor/Molly/Daniel quad and I’m happy that it’s coming to an end. I’m also not digging that every new guy Betty meets starts pining for her. It would be nice for Betty to get obsessed and do the chasing for once.

Brothers & Sisters
They’ve been getting flack all day today because no one died in last night’s episode – as advertised in the promos. Technically, Robert did flatline. The destruction of the Kitty/Robert relationship is getting good. It was an emotional charged episode. I like how it is more character-driven than plot-driven. Happy that Kevin didn’t make this disaster all about him this time! I don’t know what to think of Holly. Yeah, she got played by Tommy but really, Ojai Foods is a Walker family company. Holly shouldn’t be there. Ryan Lafferty – yes, I will use his full name just like those on the show – finally arrived at the Walker house to be greeted by Rebecca and stared at by Justin. I guess we have to get ready for a Justin/Rebecca/Ryan triangle.


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