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Spotted at Fashion Week: Amanda Brugel dishes on the second season of MVP

Last week, I caught up with Amanda Brugel at Toronto’s LG Fashion Week and she was able to give me an update on the second season of MVP, where she plays hockey wife Megan Chandler. The show was originally cancelled after its first season last spring by CBC but was later picked up for a second season by ABC’s SOAPnet in the U.S. where it aired last summer. Amanda was able to tell me that the second season will begin production this June and will air across the United States and Canada at the same time; however she wasn’t able to reveal the Canadian broadcaster.

The Quebec-born beauty will also be featured in the third season of Showcase’s Paradise Fall (no Canadian premiere has been announced) as well as the upcoming films “The Death of Alice Blue” and “Splice” which will star Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley. The actress recently appeared on the February 19th episode of Global’s Da Kink in My Hair playing Elize.


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