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‘Cooler Talk: Fanboys, Elisha Cuthbert and Speidi back on ‘Celebrity’

— “Fanboys” was released on DVD (and Blu-Ray) yesterday. The film came out in the States back in February…apparently it was also released here in April…but I guess I blinked and missed it! The flick, set in 1998, is about a bunch of geeks who try to infiltrate the Skywalker ranch in order to get their hands on a pre-release print of “The Phantom Menace.” The film stars Jay Baruchel and Kristen Bell. They’ve also got a solid number of guest stars and cameos that include Seth Rogen, Billy Dee Williams, Carrie Fisher, Kevin Smith and William Spacey. The film is directed by Kyle Newman while Kevin Spacey served as one of its producers.

Den of Geek may have named Elisha Curthbert’s 24 character, Kim Bauer, “Television’s Dumbest Character” but the Canadian actress is still sizzling hot. Check out some photos from her upcoming spread in Men’s Health here.

— I don’t know why I’ve watched I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here for the past two nights…I can’t seem to escape it. Maybe because it’s re-airing on MuchMore at 10:30pm? I have to admit that without Speidi, there really isn’t much of a show. Apparently they’re returning to the series tonight (after quitting for the third time). I was surprised that Heidi ate three scorpions the other night. Not surprised by Spencer’s childish behaviour and comments…he prayed to god to have dinner with Miley Cirus?! Was he just baptized by a Baldwin Brother? Incase you want to hop on the train-wreck…MuchMore will be airing marathons during the weekend.


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