CTV Soap Shakeup: General Hospital moves, One Life To Live cancelled

CTVglobemedia presented its upcoming Fall schedules today for CTV and ‘A’ networks. The flagship network picked up Dr. Oz and has placed it at 5pm. This will shift Dr. Phil to 3pm, sending General Hospital to the ‘A’. CTV will become a one-soap network with The Bold and the Beautiful continuing to air at 1:30pm.

One Life To Live has been cancelled by ‘A’ and reruns of ER will air in its place at 2pm. ‘A’ will keep All My Children at 1pm and then air GH at 3pm.

Times are all from the Toronto market. Other markets will be announced at a later date. OLTL fans can still catch the show on ABC.

  1. Does anyone now where someone from Montreal can now catch GH? I don’t have access to the A channel and I am really disappointed…

  2. Hi Cindy, Unfortunately there is no ‘A’ channel out of Montreal. You can still watch GH on your ABC affiliate. If you wish to contact CTV Montreal (CFCF) regarding this programming decision, you can contact them by e-mail: montrealprogramming@ctv.ca or call them at: 514-273-6311. As a viewer, you have the right to ask for the programming you’ve been accustomed to.


  4. I agree Jacqeline “How dare they!” – I was so pissed last night when I saw GH was gone! I have to watch the A channel in the morning so I get Ottawa news – no longer showing during Canada AM…. did I miss that memo “Ottawa no longer part of Canada’s news”… “How dare they!” – If I wanted American talk shows I’d watch NBC / ABC / CNN… Oprah, Dr. Oz, Dr Phil shows…choke! – they make soaps more entertaining… My heart goes out to those with no satellite…. makes CBC and Global look pretty good – now that’s bad! and I mean BAD BAD nor Bad good…

  5. I am a dear fan of General hospital and have been for years. Dr Oz is great but I rather keep General Hospital over The Bold and the Beautiful any time.

  6. I am so upset that CTV no longer airs GH. I just figured it out today as I went to watch it and got Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil, Oprah and then Dr. Oz. Enough therapy, give us GH.

  7. I live in Halifax,NS & found out today that General Hospital has been replaced by Dr.Oz, no notice of course which is typical of CTV, they have switched General Hospital to the “A” network which would be fine if they LEFT it in the 1PM time slot instead of moving to 4PM, we don’t need to watch old episodes of “ER”. I have nothing against Dr Oz but don’t feel like listening to Health issues constantly while havinglunch

  8. I am so mad today when i got home and i though i was going to ba able to watch General Hospital of course i record it everyday due to my work schedule…………..and what do i get another T.V show that as no meaning for me ….I want my GH back its always been one of my only tv show that i follow to the T…………DARN you CTV for taking it away……rrrrgggg

  9. Horrible move on CTV’s part. There’s a reason Oprah, Dr.Phil and Dr.Oz are not on the same US network….. OVERKILL!!!! GH is a staple in daytime television and I now have no reason to turn CTV on… ever. Stupid move. I don’t get A-channel on regular cable and in these times, digital and satellite are too pricey.

  10. I totally agree with Jacqueline… How dare you do this without even warning us??? I’ve been watching GH for over 20 years and to make such a big change with no warning is darn right wrong… Not to mention the fact that I almost had an argument at home since my episode did not record today!!!! Couldn’t at least air it later or better yet get rid of Dr. Oz because everything was fine before he arrrived!!! I guess knowing the backlash you would receive you kept quiet. The only reason I have a tv in my kitchen is gone… We have to fight this!!!!!

  11. Unbelievable! Just after a summer of asking viewers to support their network (local tv)… this is what CTV does. I agree with other statements … enough therapy … enough talk shows! GH is an ongoing success for soap opera lovers … it would be one thing to change the time slot but it is a total other for CTV not to time slot it at all. How are people who can’t afford fancy tv suppose to watch a show they have been watching for over 2 decades. You can bet that since CTV axed GH … this viewer is going to ax CTV.

  12. Stupid move !!!! I agree with Jacqueline “How dare they!” I was so pissed when I saw GH was gone! I am so sad, upset and so mad.SO SO I cannot afford cable or satellite dish. I’ve been watching GH for over 25 years. I agree with other statements … enough therapy … enough talk shows! I want my GH back.

  13. Seriously, this is apalling. Ok, i’m the nice husband who watches the soaps with my wife :). But seriously, I can’t believe a Station like CTV that claims to be so close to it’s audience, would pull a move like this. Now i’m going to have to break the news to my wife when she comes home… 🙁 God save me.

  14. Very disappointed in CTV And how many years have CTV shown GH??? And you just kick it off!! Well, I’ll just kick CTV OFF!!!!

  15. same here.. very dissapointed in CTV. Been watching GH for 16 years. It was my only reason for watching CTV or tv at all… so obviously I don’t have cable nor satellite dish either… very very disspointed…

  16. I to am furious about General Hospital being axed. CT V obviously doesn’t give a damm about its viewers. There is little of interest on that channel anymore. They figure we will be stupid enough to watch anything Oprah “the queen” promotes. As if that pompous ass, Dr. Phill wasn’t bad enough, now we are supposed to watch her newest money maker, shed phony tears about someone losing a few pounds. Give us a break, enough already ! Give me back my General Hospital !!!!

  17. We hear about local tv being in trouble yet on many occasions we’ve had to go through programs on for one week than off the next ,… You want people to watch yet you programming decisions are awful I never watched the bold and the beautiful but have been watching General Hospital for ever … Now to find out when I am viewing my tape that oops! I guess no more General Hospital again…! Really piss me off

  18. I agree with the others that responded. Dr. Oz. can stay on Oprah. I don’t watch her and I know I won’t watch him because he is the reason I quit watching her.

  19. I am long time viewer as well and am totally disappointed. GH is the only television show I watch regularly… . They should have asked the viewers what they thought about this, through an online poll or some other means, before making the drop. Somebody should forward this link to CTV if they call and complain…..hopefully they’ll listen and adjust their programming lineup. If not they’ll notice when they see the viewer ratings for the Dr.Oz show… CTV’s ‘one to watch’…more like ‘one to drop’!

  20. I must say I’m glad I’m not the only one that was upset that GH got moved to a TV channel some of us don’t have access to. We can’t even watch it on abc.com if we are not from the US! I did find a website with Episode Recaps (http://generalhospital.about.com), but it’s not the same as watching the show!

  21. I am horrified to hear that you have taken General Hospital off of CTV :O ! I am 15 years old and have been watching this show every weekday for 9 years! I live in a small town and do not have cable, or satellite and Ctv is one of the only channels i get. I can’t watch episodes online because i have Dial-up either! It would be a huge appreciation if you could find a way to get it back on Ctv.

  22. Please try to find a way to give us back our most favorite program in the world GENERAL HOSPITAL Been watchin this soap for at least 36 years. It was a pleasure to come home and take an hour to watch CTV.I like Dr Oz But not in the place of GH. Let us know the date you will put it back on the air since you give us no warning when you took it off !!!. Hurry ! ! !

  23. I live in the US but I only get Canadian stations I was very upset when I turned on the TV and discovered that GH was not on I was trying to think was it a Holiday or something then i realized that it was the start of the new fall Television season and i was pissed, I am very upset with you CTV! P.S. Just to let you know Dr. OZ will not pick up the views like General Hospital. Shame on you.

  24. I am so happy to hear all of the backlash against CTV! I have contacted them to let them know I’M NOT HAPPY…I completely agree with all the comments so far…I have watched GH for over 30 years and since I don’t get “A“ channel in Alberta or ABC (I don’t have cable) I miss it dearly. It is the only CTV program I watch(ed) and now we have 3 full hours in a row of Oprah’s cast offs – GH was better `therapy` than those 3 put together…No thanks!

  25. I am really saddened by this move…This is one of the BEST soap Opera shows to ever aired and to have it cancelled by CTV is not acceptable. Not everyone can afford o hav cable and rely on the minimum entertaining we get from the Canadian channels. BAD MOVE CTV!

  26. How can CTV choose BBB over GH????? Watching the BBB is like watching a dog trying to catch it tail!!! BIG MISTAKE..

  27. First Lost, now General Hospital? Just when I get hooked on following a story line, it’s yanked from CTV. General Hospital has been on CTV since I was a child. Lost is one of the best shows around. I don’t think I should be left hanging because I don’t get A-channel!

  28. I am so angry by the fact that CTV cancelled GH !!!!! I Watched that show ever since i was a little girl !!! i love that show , plus they didin’t even tell the viewers that they were going to take off the air GH !!! How dAre they, honnestly I realy don’t give a **** about the doctor Oz show , i rather haver Gh back …But of all the Gh fans who don’t have cable you all can watch it on youtube 🙂

  29. It stinks that GH is no longer on …. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work physically hard during the day , and like to wind down and relax with GH , giving my aching body a chance to re-coop oz is ok for me, for now , but he could have gone in the (( Sue Thomas )) slot … at 2:00 pm its only dumb re-runs anyway BRING (((( GH )))) B-A-C-K …. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. What a senseless move by CTV! Although I can catch GH online, there are thousands of viewers out there who find it much more convenient to watch the show on television. I can’t believe CTV would just pull the show off air like this. GH has been running for over 45 years and is one of the most widely watched soaps. I feel awful for those that don’t have access to the A network or can’t watch GH online. I hope CTV brings the soap back!

  31. What a senseless move by CTV! Although I can catch GH online, there are thousands of viewers out there who find it much more convenient to watch the show on television. I can’t believe CTV would just pull the show off air like this. GH has been running for over 45 years and is one of the most widely watched soaps. I feel awful for those that don’t have access to the A network or can’t watch GH online. I hope CTV brings the soap back!

  32. All I can say is “WOW CTV, such a bad move taking GH off and replacing it with another Oprah castoff !!!! I have been watching GH for over 30 years and I know there are a lot of other people like me. I can still watch it because I have satellite, but I feel bad for people that don’t. Everyone should boycott CTV , I know I won’t be watching it unless GH goes back on…….

  33. I never did get a response from CTV and I’m wondering how many GH fans have contacted them with their disapproval? it certainly wouldn’t hurt to let them know how angry we are at them for removing our favorite Soap. So I would still encourage people to formally let them know of our disapproval. When I tried to watch GH online I get a message that due to international licence agreements it cannot be viewed outside of the US. So after 30+ years of watching GH, I’m still out of luck!

  34. I do not have cable… I watched GH for almost 20years now.. Its has been a part of my daily life for soo long now. I just cannot believe it was replaced by Dr. Oz!! Dont really mind him, but I do not watch him! Its so sad that CTV took it out of its schedule. I live in Montreal, and I really wish I could have the means to pay for cable, because, they are showing more and more crap on CTV… I am sad and really disapointed…

  35. it’s very sad i was just thinking i haven’t watched general hospital for a while i wonder what is going on with the characters then i remembered i can’t watch it any more i am soo disapointed ctv how could you so many years watching then this. i’m very sad

  36. So typical, so no GH anymore but Oprah, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Oz….. What about all the long time GH fans with no satellite, access to A etc. Absolutely outrageous

  37. I am a senior from NS who looks forward to watching my soap every day – we don’t have cable (can’t afford it) and so I am now forced to turn off the TV or watch Dr. Oz. Some notice would have been nice given the huge following it has. Couldn’t someone have at least consulted the viewers or better yet – let us know it was going to happen. I watched ti one day, it was gone the next. I thought at first it was just temporary until my grandson googled it and found out for me that it had been removed and put on A which we don’t get. Bring it back CTV.

  38. I have been watching General Hospital since I was 5 years old in the early 80’s. I am so disappointed with CTV for replacing it with Dr. Oz. The show sucks!!! Who cares about Dr. OZ? I am sure people with Cable who like it watch it, but I bet there are more ctv watchers out there like myself, who can’t live without GH!!! I Can’t find it anywhere on the internet….the american networks won’t allow me to watch it online cause I am not a resident of US. The least CTV can do is keep it on your website….Private practice doesn’t air on CTV on television but I watch it every week online. OR you could air it a day late during your 10:00am time slot….the programing at that time sucks. It always has. How many times do you have to rerun the same season of ANTM or even worse last year you had Twice in a lifetime on it was the worst show on tv ever and there were only 10 episodes you reran them over and over and over!!! why not put dr oz at 10am and put GH back to 3pm? I don’t care what time you air it at…..I want GH back!!!

  39. I miss my General Hospital. I like the new Dr. OZ show but Ive been watching GH longer. I will have to watch the series online for Free. I was a long time CTV fan not anymore.

  40. I 100% agree! Hey CTV how about considering what your viewers actually want? Well guess what? I now turn off CTV and download GH online. Looks like you just lost another viewer CTV!!!

  41. GH gone/moved. Oh yeah that’s considerate of the viewers CTV sucks more every season. And of course online only available to US viewers as Canadian viewers just don’t count….again.

  42. CTV a reliable Canadian channel!!!?? What a terrible move that was on your part, to remove one of the most watched, most running and most popular soap opera ever. I think someone did not think about this properly. We all want it back to it’s regular schedual. Us the CANADIAN viewers, want GH back and I think we deserve that much. Next time you make a stupid move like this one, please think about your viewers first. We all feel cheated.

  43. I’ve been watching GH on YouTube ever since CTV took it off the air…it’s not ideal, but by the same evening that the the show airs it is uploaded…. Good riddance CTV …I haven’t turned on the TV since… to DJ A means the “A Channel” (which we don’t get in the west)

  44. I used to actually tape CTV daytime every day to get The View and General Hospital. Dr Oz is irritating. Dr Phil is all about sensationalism. I still occsionally watch Oprah IF her guests are interesting. I don’t find her to be particularly interesting or as philanthropic as the folks who give from their own pockets. Her reputation for ‘giving’ is slightly ill-foiunded. Smart business knows that if they donate a few hundred products to her studio audience, they will reap rewards in sales. Oprah is a great sales person. The ‘gifts’ don’t often SEEM to come from her own pocket with the exception of ‘her’ school and the recent Haiti donation. ‘Oprah’s’ Angels donate their own hard earned money which, when combined, add up to sizeable donations from ‘her’? It is similar to stores that collect donations from patrons. It isn’t ‘the store’ that is giving from its profits. Well meaning, un-named citizens are giving. I digress. I have watched General hospital since the 70s on CTV. Like many of the others, I don’t bother with CTV daytime very much at all unless, as was stated before, Oprah has advertised a guest I’d like to see. I still like CTV’s night programming and am glad that they got rid of Canadian Idol. When I come home at night, i appreciate watching professional entertainers [actors/singers] and avoiding the onslaught of untrained singers.dancers. Watching judges make fun of the untalented does not appeal to me. I’m disappointed by CTV; however, I haven’t given up. Nightime is often GOOD.

  45. Does anyone know where I can watch GH from Canada? I cancelled my cable and I try to watch it online. I can’t get it on ABC because they won’t allow Canadians to watch it. Does anyone know where else I could get it to watch it free online? I am also very disappointed as I’ve been watching it for almost 30 years.. They put crap or any other silly programs to try to put as to sleep when in fact they could have put Dr. Oz, Phil etc. in another spot. Thank you for listening.

  46. Hi Marie, You might want to try YouTube for clips. CTV moved it to the ‘A’ channel which isn’t available in every market. But I’ve got some good news, the show has been picked up by Citytv and it’ll begin airing there this September. You should be able to get Citytv.

  47. I find it interesting that “watercooler” had no comment after the first complaint or two. It’s been nearly a year and I can quite proudly say at this point I watch NO CTV daytime television. You took the only show I watched off. I would be more than annoyed if I didn’t have cable but the reality is that most “Canadian Programming” is such garbage that life would be painful without the ability to watch American television stations. I guess good Ole Oprah must be lining someone’s pockets so all of her shows are still on the line up.

  48. I find it interesting that “watercooler” had no comment after the first complaint or two. It’s been nearly a year and I can quite proudly say at this point I watch NO CTV daytime television. You took the only show I watched off. I would be more than annoyed if I didn’t have cable but the reality is that most “Canadian Programming” is such garbage that life would be painful without the ability to watch American television stations. I guess good Ole Oprah must be lining someone’s pockets so all of her shows are still on the line up.

  49. Hi “Disappointed”, I’m actually the writer for the blog and after my send comment, the blog tool began publishing my full name instead of just the blog name. Hope that clears up the lack of feedback you noticed. ‘General Hospital’ will actually begin airing on all Citytv stations next month (September), so you might be able to watch again.

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