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Soap News: Vanessa Marcil at New York’s Neptune Ball, Rebecca is Emily’s twin on GH, Canuck Casting Additions and Chris Engen speaks out

I admit that I am one of Vanessa Marcil’s biggest fans and have been hoping for her to return to General Hospital as Brenda since Las Vegas was cancelled by NBC last year… however with the writing on GH is getting increasingly worse, so why wish that upon her? Anyway, Marcil was out and about in New York last month to attend the 26th Annual Neptune Ball which honoured her good friend, Carmine Giovinazzo (CSI: New York’s Danny), who picked up the Arts & Letters award. The fundaiser took place on May 16th on Staten Island. Although Marcil and Giovinazzo dated a decade ago, she has been linked to director Ben Younger (“Prime”) since 2005.

Looks like Rebecca (Natalia Livingston) will be revealed to be Emily’s twin sister…and she knew about it all along! Don’t know what’s worse…this mess or Ethan REALLY being Luke and Holly’s son? Oh and get this…Ethan and Rebecca have been working together.

Canadaian actor Dominic Zamprogna has been cast as “Dominic” on General Hospital. The character will first pop up in late June when Claudia hires him to help her out. Could this Dominic be Dante? You all remember Edgemont right? It was a Canadian soap that aired from 2000 until 2005 where Zomprogna’s character Mark was the love interest for Kristin Kreuk’s Laurel.

Forbes March (ex-Nash, OLTL; ex-Scott, AMC) joins As The World Turns on July 14th as Noah’s film advisor, Mason. The Canadian actor also starred in the Toronto-produced series Mutant X. While the character will be out of the closet, there are currently no plans for Mason to drive a wedge between Luke and Noah.

Chris Engen (soon to be ex-Adam, Y&R) has taken to his MySpace page to defend himself against reports that he quit over the gay kiss. Check out his statement here.

Wes Ramsey wraps up his role as Owen this week when his character is arrested.

Catherine Hickland returns as Lindsay Rappaport later this month.

Shemar Moore (Derek, Criminal Minds; ex-Malcolm, Y&R) is touring Ontario this week. Here are his stops:

  • June 3: Caesar Martini’s, W. Waterloo, ON
  • June 4: Up On Carling, London, ON
  • June 5: Marlowe, Richmond Hill, ON
  • June 7: Rumours Night Club, Niagara Falls

Odd that there’s no actual Toronto stop since he’s around it.

Spoilers for the Week of June 1st, 2009:

All My Children: Krystal seeks refuge. Scott is in turmoil. Colby makes an accusation. Krystal warns Marissa about David. Liza insists that she is innocent. Kendall and Zach are remarried so they cannot testify against each other…Oh! That old trick!

As The World Turns: Rosanna decides to help Paul while Damian is there for Meg. Tom and Margo receive a package from Afghanistan which reveals that Adam is dead…say what? Since when is Adam in Afghanistan? Wasn’t there a warrant out for his arrest when he skip town…Doesn’t the army check outstanding warrants or do they just let anyone enroll? Katie is taken to the hospital. Bonnie and Dusty search for Eliza. Rosanna convinces Paul to do the right thing.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Stephanie tries to distance herself from Bill. Nick becomes obsessed with worry over Jackie. Bill continues to badger Donna. Jackie and Owen move in together. Ridge makes a confession to Brooke.

Days Of Our Lives: Lucas and Chloe argue. Nicole wants E.J. to prove that he is not jealous of Rafe. Will is worried that Mia might leave town. Maggie asks Mia to move in with her…I guess she’s started a boarding house?! Chloe decides to tell Lucas about her affair. Rafe starts a new job. Stefano makes a revelation. Kate makes Chloe an offer. E.J. sneaks Stefano out of the hospital.

General Hospital: Lulu urges Lucky to forgive Luke. Ethan turns his back on Holly. Maxie covers for Johnny. Michael tells Claudia that he’s starting to remember. Michael takes his anger out on Robin. An aged Kristina debuts this week and she’s TROUBLE…look for her to cross paths with Jason.

Guiding Light: James and Daisy become partners. Phillip decides to have a party. Olivia and Natalia argue about Rafe. Plus, a shocking arrest (or two) on Thursday.

One Life To Live: Gigi and Schuyler want to expose Stacy’s lies…while Stacy continues to manipulate Rex. Rachel believes that Nora is avoiding her true feelings for Bo. Viki tries to get through to Bess. Brody supports Jessica.

The Young and the Restless: Jeff, Jill and Gloria team up and hope to take down the great Victor Newman. Cane contacts Langley aka Phillip Chancellor III. Jack has a proposition for Sharon while Adam overhears some big news. Phyllis kicks Nick out.