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Mark Burnett’s Expedition Africa

Tonight marks the Canadian premiere of Mark Burnett‘s latest offering, Expedition Africa. The eight-part series chronicles four “modern day” explorers as they attempt to retrace H. M. Stanley’s famed 1871 expedition where the Welsh explorer and journalist was sent to find  Dr. David Livingston (also an explorer) by the New York Observer. You may be familiar with Stanley’s quotation, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”.

The four “modern day” explorers on the series are: Benedict Allen (an author and filmmaker), Mireya Mayor (an anthropologist, Emmy-nominated correspondent for the National Geographic Channel, and former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins), Pasquale Scatturo (a famed geophysicist) and Kevin Sites (a journalist and war correspondent). Expect some of them to clash with each other – just because they’re all smart and educated, doesn’t mean they’ll suck it up and play nice for the sake of television!

While Stanley had eight months to find Livingstone, the Expedition Africa crew only has 30 days to complete the 900-mile journey which begins off the coast of eastern Africa and takes them deep inside Tanzania.

The eight-part series begins tonight at 10pm on History Television. In addition to its Wednesdays at 10pm airing, reruns are scheduled for 5pm on Sundays. The series made its television debut on the U.S. History Channel this past summer.



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