Kelly Kapowski returns to TV, The Office Halloween and Melrose Place drama


Tiffani Thiessen is back on TV but unfortunately, not that many people know about it. Thiessen is starring on a new American cable series, White Collar which premiered on Oct. 23rd in the States on last Friday (Oct. 30th) on Bravo! in Canada. The show also stars Matthew Bomer (Chuck‘s Bryce Larkin), Tim DeKay (Kirsten’s first husband, Paul, on Party of Five) and Willie Garson (Sex and the City‘s Stanford).

The show is about the improbable partnership between Neal, a con artist (Bomer), and Peter, the FBI agent (DeKay) who arrested him years ago. In order to secure his eventual freedom, Neal suggests to Peter that he help him catch other elusive criminals as he can provide an alternative insight than what the FBI is used to.

The Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills 90210 alumnus is playing the role of Peter’s wife, Elizabeth. Although I’ve only seen the first episode, it’s rather strange seeing Thiessen in this domesticated role. I grew up with her portrayal of America’s Sweetheart Kelly Kapowski on SBTB and became infatuated with her as bad girl Valerie Malone on the original 90210. While it’s a police-procedural, there is some light comedy. Thiessen tried her hand at comedy during the final seasons of Two Guys and a Girl. I’m hoping that as the show progresses, we’ll learn more about her character. Hopefully she’ll have a few secrets and some baggage, like Thiessen’s character Billie in Fastlane.

While out promoting her new series, hopefully fans will convince Thiessen to take part in Jimmy Fallon‘s quest for a Saved by the Bell reunion. Anyway, I had a total 90s-gasm when I ran into someone dressed as Kelly in her Max’s uniform for Halloween this past weekend.

White Collar airs Fridays at 10pm on USA Network in the United States. In Canada, you can catch it on Bravo! (with a one week delay), Fridays at 9pm. You can still catch the pilot this week as Bravo! will re-air it on Wednesday at 10pm.

— I really wish that The Office devoted the entire half-hour for some Halloween fun this past Thursday. However, all we got were 2 minutes before the opening credits where Darryl (dressed in a pumpkin shirt) pushes some children around the warehouse where Michael scares them by pretending to be hanged and then gives them a lecture about suicide. The outfits were really clever…Michael dressed as “Dick in a Box”, Dwight was Billy the Puppet (from Saw), Jim was Facebook (with the word “book” written over his face), Pam was Rosemary (from Rosemary’s Baby), Andy was Michael Jackson, Creed was Dracula, Ryan was Edward Cullen (from the Twilight series), Kevin was Paul Blart the mall cop, Angela was a black widow, Oscar was Sarah Palin, Kelly was Leeloo (from The Fifth Element), Meredith was a hobo, Erin was Pricess Fiona (from Shrek), Stanley was some sort of victim from a science experiment and Phyllis was a sorceress.

Now, I usually feel bad for Michael Scott…but in this episode I really felt awful for him. Jim was really a douche for letting him fall into the koi pond.

Jessica Simpson is taking to twitter to retaliate against the new Melrose Place for canning her sister, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. The wannabe singer/actress/designer tweeted last night, “CW catching up on MP.who writes this crap?i have had bad scripts to work with,but this?thank God my sister is amazing and got you some press.” Okay, hold off there…you’ve ONLY ever had bad scripts to work with Jessica…how could you know what a good script looks like?

Oh how I wish Katie Cassidy‘s Ella Simms could give Jessica a smackdown! As for Ashlee getting the show some press…more like negative press. Honestly, Ashlee’s character Violet has been the weakest link all season. I can’t wait until Sydney’s murder mystery to be wrapped up so Ashlee can be on her way out.



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