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Soap Spoilers: Franco is investigated on GH, Simon visits Katie on ATWT, Amber asks Deacon for help on Y&R PLUS All-American Rejects perform on OLTL

James Franco
(Franco, GH), Paul Leyden and Terri Colombino (Simon & Katie, ATWT) & Adrienne Frantz and Sean Kanan (Amber & Deacon, Y&R).


All My Children (ABC/A)
Jake walks away from Amanda. Zach tries to rid himself of all reminders of Kendall. David learns if he’s Trevor’s father. Liza says goodbye to her baby boy. Zach kisses Liza. Jake reaches a decision. Opal has a bad feeling about Kendall. Adam vows to keep Annie out of jail. Amanda accuses David of ruining her marriage. JR confides in Tad. Scott moves to the gatehouse. David sets his plan in motion.

As The World Turns (CBS/Global)

Lily is shocked when she walks in on Meg and Damian. Holden catches up with Molly. Barbara calls Mick. Rosanna asks Carly to be in her wedding. Carly is torn between Craig and Jack. Teri meets the new owner of Metro. Casey and Maddie discuss their future together. Katie and Simon share a warm moment.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)

Steffy is on edge after Thomas call her out. Jackie and Owner participate in a new photoshoot. Brooke catches Bill in a lie and issues a warning. Whip asks Sandy why she’s keeping so many secrets. Taylor is surprised by her date. Rick makes a confession to Steffy. Nick, Bridget and Sandy receive the results of the pregnancy test. Nick later makes a startling discovery about Sandy.

Days Of Our Lives (NBC/Global)

Nicole turns to Faye for help. Rafe interrogates Gabi about her involvement with Nicole. Sami turns to EJ for help finding Sydney. Kate tells Philip that Vivian is back in town. Arianna defends Gabi. Hope ties to get Carly to reveal her secret. Nathan confronts Melanie after he walks in on her with Philip. Lucas returns from rehab. Sami, Rafe and EJ continue to search for Nicole.

Hospital (ABC/A)
Jason, Sam and Spinelli investigate Franco. A photo about Maxie surfaces. Sonny and Olivia share a kiss. Nikolas advises Elizabeth to tell Lucky the truth. Kate tells Sonny a secret about Olivia. Lucky makes a decision about his engagement to Elizabeth. Rebecca tries to seduce Nikolas. Lucky becomes suspicious of Michael. Jason’s unaware that he’s being watched by Franco.

One Life To Live (ABC/SunTV)
Jess is left shaken by Mitch’s letter. Kevin learns what Bo and Nora have been up to. Tea defends her actions to Todd. Mitch crashes Jared’s funeral. Dorian is sworn in as mayor. Natalie is disgusted that Mitch will not pay for his crimes. Mitch taunts Charlie. The All-American Rejects perform at the UltraViolet (on Friday).

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)

Sharon isn’t too thrilled about Phyllis’ memorial plaque for her and Nick’s daughter. Phyllis tries to help Daniel. Amber goes to Deacon for help. JT’s new boss, Tucker, arrives. Michael lies in order to protect Kevin. Jack is hurt when Emily reveals that their relationship is just casual. Billy’s latest mistake is revealed. Nick catches Adam and Sharon together.


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