Spoiler Round Up: A Werewolf on True Blood, Andy/Erin romance on The Office, Grey’s spoof on Supernatural and more


24 (Returns this January on Fox/Global)

– Jack will meet his granddaughter in the first hour.
– The new season will begin and end at 4pm and will take place in New York City.

(Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW; Thursdays at 10pm on Global)

– Adrianna begs Navid to forgive her but he shoots her down. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)
– Naomi’s latest lie will have huge consequences. (EW.com’s Ausiello Files)
– Navid will confront Jasper (Annie’s boyfriend) when he sees Adrianna buying drugs from him.
– While Sasha tells Dixon she miscarried, Debbie finds out she was never really pregnant.
– When Navid rejects her, look for Adrianna to begin a lesbian relationship with Gia (Rumer Willis) in January.
Kelly Lynch (The L Word) plays a pot smoking forty-something year old named Laurel who begins a fling with Ryan.

Brothers & Sisters (Sundays at 10pm on ABC/Global)

– Kitty considers dropping her cancer treatments…her hair also starts to fall out so Sarah and Nora help her shave her head. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)
– Someone’s pregnant. Although Sarah Jane Morris (Julia) is pregnant in real life, it won’t be here. It should be between Sarah or Rebecca. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)

Community (Thursdays at 8pm on NBC/Citytv)

– Pierce joins a rock band and will try help Britta quit smoking. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)

Desperate Housewives (Sundays at 9pm on ABC/CTV)

– Susan believes that Katherine strangled Julie while Lynette has her own suspicions.
– Gabby tries to get Juanita enrolled into a Catholic school.
– Angie discovers the truth about Orson and Bree’s marriage.
Lyndsy Fonseca (ex-Colleen, Y&R) will return as Katherine’s daughter Dylan.

Glee (Wednesdays at 9pm on Fox/Global)

– Ausiello reports on the crazy rumor out there: Will finds out about Terri’s faux baby plot and he’ll dump her but in a moment of rage/passion, he’ll get her pregnant for real. Ausiello insists that only two of those three things are true. (EW.com’s Ausiello Files)
– Don’t expect things to continue (at least for now) between Rachel/Puck…Puck is very much into Quin. (EW.com’s Ausiello Files)

Gossip Girl (Mondays at 9pm on The CW/A)

– Jenny soon sets her sights on becoming the Queen of all the Upper East Side after she snags Kevin Zegers as her date to Cotillion.
– The threeway happens on the November 9th episode.

Heroes (Mondays at 9pm on NBC, 10pm on Global)

Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) will be killed off…for real this time.

House (Mondays at 9pm on Fox/Global)

– Foreman will tell Thirteen that he’s sorry he fired her and that he still loves her. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)

The Office (Thursdays at 9pm on NBC/Global)

– Look for Andy and Erin to get together. Mindy Kaling (Kelly) tells E! that they’ve got the Christmas episode coming up and they’ve got “some great development between Andy and Erin happening there.” (E!’s Watch with Kristin)
– Look for the back and forth between Ryan and Kelly to continue. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)

Parks & Recreation
(Thursdays at 8:30pm on NBC/Citytv)

– Andy and Ann won’t be getting back together anytime soon. Andy should be working more for the City of Pawnee as the security gig on Halloween was just the beginning. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)
Megan Mullally will guest star this November. She’ll be playing Ron’s ex-wife…in real life, Mullally is married to Ron’s portrayer, Nick Offerman. Mullally’s character will work for the library system and they are trying to take over Leslie’s lot. (EW.com’s Ausiello Files)

Party Down (Starz, currently on hiatus)

– Ron’s Soup ‘r’ Crackers venture won’t turn out so well and he’ll have to return to Party Down catering…but he’ll be working under Henry. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)

True Blood (HBO, currently on hiatus)

– Look for season three to include werewolf Alcide Herveaux from the third novel. There probably won’t be a Bill/Sookie wedding this season…could the possibility of increased Eric presence have anything to do with it? Expect Sam to begin investigating his biological parents to better understand his shapeshifter heritage. Jessica will continue to explore her vampire-side while Sookie and Jason figure out why Sookie has fairy power and Jason does not. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)
– Although Godric is dead, the writers are still interested in exploring his history with Eric through flashbacks…they’ve got 1,000 years worth of story potential here. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)

Smallville (Fridays at 8pm on The CW)

– Clark/Lois is (finally) a go…it’ll be a more mature/adult relationship. They’ll actually deal with their issues. (EW.com’s Ausiello Files)
– Episode 9 is title Pandora and it will be “like a finale” where viewers will see alternate endings for all the characters. (EW.com’s Ausiello Files)
– Clark will begin to consider eye glasses while Chloe will get some romance. (EW.com’s Ausiello Files)

Supernatural (Thursdays at 9pm on The CW)

– The brothers take a tour of a fictional TV series, “Seattle Mercy Hospital”, where
they interact with characters called Dr. Sexy and Ellen Piccolo. They’re will be a bunch of emo music playing…looks like a hilarious episode for TV lovers, especially when Jeffrey Dean Morgan appears as a dead Denny and the dead dad, John. (E!’s Watch with Kristin)
–  Dean and Sam switch bodies in Episode 12. (EW.com’s Ausiello Files)


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