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Cooler Talk: Ugly Betty, The Hills/City Finale and Gossip Girl

— Hope you all enjoyed the spoiler-heavy posts the past couple of weeks…I’ll finally get to talk about some shows today. I was off on vacation in London for a couple of weeks, and was able to catch up with some shows this past weekend.

So what were some buzzworthy TV events I encountered across the pond? For starters, there’s the whole Jedward phenomena…this guy on EastEnders killed his soon-to-be-step-daughter’s father in broad daylight mere minutes before the wedding! Oh and then there was the beauty of Cheryl Cole…I miss her.

Ugly Betty is officially moving to Wednesdays in January! The show will occupy the 10pm slot which will be vacated by the now-cancelled Eastwick. I agree with other critics who say that the show is definitely on a creative upswing.

This is overall good news for the show and the fans since it proves that ABC is definitely behind the series. This pairs Betty up with ABC’s comedy breakouts The Middle, Cougar Town and the insanely hilarious Modern Family on Wednesdays. I’m really happy with this scheduling decision…but probably not as happy as the person who had time to make this.

— MTV’s The Hills and The City aired their season finales last night in a two-and-a-half television event.

The previews pretty much gave away the gist of the finale. Brody and Jayde got back together but Brody realized that he still may not be over Kristin, which made Frankie way too happy. Audrina told Justin Bobby that he’d grow to be really lonely old man, so he decided to pursue Kristin minutes before she left her Summer home in Malibu.

So are “Kristin-Bobby” the real deal? Judging by this article from the L.A. Times…probably not.

Shockingly, Speidi aren’t expecting the spawn of Satan! Looks like procreating is actually one thing that Spencer Pratt won’t do to get more “famous”. How frightening is it that Holly gets so emotional and sad every time she is being interviewed on The After Show (or Pre-Show in this case)? It’s pretty clear that the Montags still aren’t behind Heidi’s pitiable life choices.

The City’s season finale didn’t really feel like a finale but more of a buildup to the finale. In the end, we never really found out who would leave their job at Elle – Erin or Olivia? Whitney’s presentation to Bergdorf Goodman may have bombed…but thankfully, our girl Roxy was in the clear!  So I guess we are left wondering what will happen at the sudden-death Peoples Revolution fashion show.

Speaking of Peoples Rev… Kelly Cutrone is getting her own show. Bravo has picked up her series, Kell on Earth which will showcase the behind-the-scenes events at Peoples Revolution and her life at home, as a single mother. The series will premiere on February 1st at 10pm in the States.

I’ve got to hand it to MTV’s Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank, who were a powerhouse last night. The duo made Canada proud as they took over MTV’s Times Square studio and made it their own for two and a half hours.

Dan and Jessi kicked the night off with the Cast Confessions special which showcased never-before-seen clips from both The Hills and The City as well as interviews with the cast members. They did a great job condensing all the After Show topics from what really should have been a double edition (since there were two finales) into 30 minutes.

Where in the world is Stephanie Pratt? Rehab?! It would have been nice if they got Roxy and Steph together and let them go at it…in fact, they should do a crossover feud next season with them since both shows will be back. Not sure if Audrina will appear next season as she’s supposed to be working on her new reality show with Mark Burnett. Rumor has it that Lo might not be back as well, which will suck if it’s true…It would be nice if they added Lo as a fulltime cast member…it would be nice to have a lead on The Hills that we can actually root for.

— On to Gossip Girl…how awesome was that Ummm Watcha Say Thanksgiving dinner scene? I was expected Marissa Cooper to appear and start shooting people!

The best line had to go to Eric (to Lil J: “You sweet potatoes are bland.”), simple yet brilliant.

You know, I’m not really buying Serena’s sordid romance with the politician. Such a shame they had to end her fling with Carter Baizen for this. Nate declaring his ever-lasting love for Serena could have been a hot plot point…IF they actually waited awhile.

I’m relieved that Dorota’s the pregnant one…imagine the storyline disaster if it were anyone else?

Blake Lively is hosting Saturday Night Live this week…I hope the inevitable GG spoof will be good.

Here’s a clip of the dinner scene:



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