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Joel McHale, 30 Rock, True Blood and more

BlackBook’s got this awesome feature with Community stars Joel McHale and Gillian Jacobs (Brita). Joel goes on to talk about how 90% of television ultimately sucks while the other 10% couldn’t be better. It makes sense. Worth the read. I’m really happy he’s still doing to The Soup. I don’t think “Brita” is a real name. I always think of the filter.

— NBC has decided to extend the Jan. 8th episode of Dateline to 2 hours. Oh great, so it’ll take over Jay Leno’s slot? Think again…NBC will bump a new episode of Law & Order to the following week. So what makes this double dose of Dateline so special? Are they catching a special predator? How about figuring out how NBC’s programming and scheduling decisions have gone to shit?

— There is some good news over at NBC…they’ll be doubling up on 30 Rock episodes on Jan. 14th. In the first new ep of the year, Jenna (Jane Krakowski) “dates” General Hospital star James Franco. Yes, Jim…you’ll be forever listed as James Franco (ex-Franco, GH)! Immediately following that episode, Jenna auditions for a role on Gossip Girl. It’s a lot of Jenna!

Rachel McAdams was spotted at the Taphouse Bar in her hometown of London, ON this past weekend. McAdams and others celebrated the passing through of the Olympic torch. Oh and just so you know, I’m not just posting updates on McAdams because I’m crushing on her…the Sherlock Holmes star did do some TV before her film career took off – she played one of the leads in the first season of Slings & Arrows.

— What’s the one thing that Alcide can offer Sookie that Bill and Eric can’t? “Warm flesh and blood,” says True Blood’s newest cast member, Joe Manganiello. So since this werewolf actually has a lifespan, could he be a better match for Sookie?

— Check out Gwen Stefani’s TV test pattern-inspired coat:

Jersey Shore’s “Snookie punch” has been recreated with a couple of dogs:


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