Soap Spoilers: Nut Meg on ATWT, Lucky goes against that “little bitch” Michael on GH and Anna’s kidnapped Sydney on DAYS


Marie Wilson (Meg, ATWT), Jonathan Jackson (Lucky, GH) and Leann Hunley (Anna, DAYS).

For the week of December 14th, 2009:

All My Children (ABC/A)
Annie comes up with a plan while Adam realizes what JR is up to. Randi is annoyed after Frankie comes to Madison’s defense. Annie decides to represent herself at her trial. Adam makes a startling announcement in the courtroom. Eric won’t give up on Madison. Kendall manages to contact Zach. Amanda comes to David’s defense. Zach sets out to find Kendall and they are reunited. Adam promises Annie that she’ll get the respect she deserves.

As The World Turns (CBS/Global)
Meg threatens Lily. Carly and Jack help Craig and Rosanna take a step closer. Katie tries to kiss Brad. Carly lashes out at Janet and Rosanna. Barbara finds Mick’s hotel room key and finds a disturbing letter. Jack asks Janet to be his date to the wedding. Meg calls Paul for help. Maddie sees a new side of Hunter. After his bachelor party, Craig tries to convince Carly to sleep with him. Margo has to back out on Craig. Dusty saves the day with Janet. Rosanna catches Carly and Craig together. Katie and Jack are frosted when they both want to talk to Brad. Teri is jealous of Janet and Dusty.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)
Sandy is forced to reveal her secret to Nick after he finds Whip in her trailer. Bill is disappointed with how Katie handled things with Steffy. Ridge and Eric discuss their intentions to buy back Forrester Creations. Brooke and Donna feel torn. Forrester Creations and Jackie M prepare for a showdown. Whip and Steffy meet on “The Catwalk” to compete over which fashion house has the best ad campaign. Katie becomes resentful towards her sisters. Justin tries to cheer up Donna. Sandy overhears Nick telling Brooke her secret. Brooke has second thoughts about deceiving Katie. Sandy gets a job offer. 

Days Of Our Lives (NBC/Global)
Sydney’s kidnapper is revealed — it’s Anna! Justin makes a discovery about Carly and Daniel. Sami wants to trap Stefano into admitting that he has Sydney. Nicole tries to remember her attack. Bo worries about Carly’s permanent move to Salem. Chloe asks Brady to visit Nicole in jail. Nicole tries to convince Rafe that she’s telling the truth. Victor warns Brady. Melanie and Philip go out on a date. Sami convinces Will to ask Mia to the dance. Arianna and Brady argue about EJ. Carly makes a discovery. Rafe questions Stefano.

General Hospital (ABC/A)
Jason is unsettled after his encounter with Franco. Sonny urges Olivia to stop fighting her feelings. Maxie and Lulu get into Franco’s studio. Nikolas starts a fight with Luke. Lucky advises Dominic to focus on Michael. Luke refuses to get between Lucky and Michael. Jason warns Sonny about Franco’s knowledge of Claudia’s murder. Franco continues toying with Jason. When tragedy strikes, Robin and Lisa grow closer. Elizabeth warns Rebecca to stay away from Lucky.

One Life To Live (ABC/SunTV)
The walls are closing in on Ross. Jessica makes a promise to Charlie. Danielle has harsh words for her parents. Stacy uses Rex’s insecurities against him. Kim tries to lure Clint. Brody confides in Jessica about Natalie’s attack on Mitch. Nora gets an eyeful. Mitch threatens Dorian. Clint and Nora duke it out. Charlie lies to Viki. John manipulates the truth to protect Natalie. Kyle invites Nick to recover in his apartment. 

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Phyllis sets a trap for Deacon and Amber. Michael serves Ryder with a restraining order. Billy finds an unexpected ally. Patty makes a breakthrough. Victoria is betrayed. Chloe faces an impossible choice. Jack surprises Emily. Someone spies on Lauren and Michael. Sharon is upset with Jack. Phyllis sets her plan into motion. Nick learns about Phyllis’ lies. Sharon and Adam go public. Sharon tells Nick to control his wife.


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