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Aubrey Plaza, 24, MTV and more

— If you haven’t done so already, Parks & Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza (April) appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week was really good. Plaza revealed that she and Amy Poehler speak to each other as older Hispanic women.

— The Aubrey Plaza obsession continues. Check out the third episode of the TV Casualty Podcast where I make a fool of myself by professing my love for Miss Plaza. Kat and I also talk about James Van Der Beek’s bank account and Ugly Betty’s cancellation.

Desperate Housewives’ executive producer Bob Daily has announced that the show will be keeping Julie Benz around longer than previously announced 3-episode stint.

— HBO is developing a new half-hour comedy about Hollywood blogging. Tilda centers around a powerful female online showbiz journalist.

— In other HBO news, they’ve renewed Big Love for a fifth season.

Christopher Meloni has announced that he plans on leaving Law & Order: SVU when his contract expires after next season.

— Some crazy bride offered Jersey Shore’s Pauly D $50,000 to walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

— Not sure how I feel about a 24 movie yet, I just wish they’d focus on the show right now. Nothing really happened since the assassination attempt on President Hassan — well that is until last night when Renee snapped and stabbed the shit out of her “rapist.”

Gossip Girl and Mercy will swap actors later this season. Michelle Trachtenberg will return as Georgina Sparks in GG’s season finale while Connor Paolo (Eric) will appear on the March 3rd episode of the NBC series. Great news, anything that can help me forget this oh-so-strange photoshoot.

— Not really sure why people are upset with the new MTV logo when technically it really isn’t that new. The shorter ‘M’ with Music Television capped out has been on-screen for the past year so why is it such a surprise?



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