Soap Spoilers: Dante find out Sonny’s his father on GH, Ashley confronts Adam on Y&R and Sandy finds out Graham is her rapist on B&B.


For the week of February 1, 2010:

All My Children (ABC/A)
Opal has a premonition and informs Jake and Amanda that David is headed home. Erica finally announces that she and Ryan are in item. Greenlee is in for a surprise when she goes to see Ryan. Tad assures Liza that he and Krystal are just friends. Scott begins to have second thoughts about working with Annie. Jake and Tad realize that David didn’t come back alone. Greenlee has revenge on her mind. Tad asks Marissa to protect him. Greenlee crashes Fusion’s computer system. Greenlee is almost caught by Ryan. Ryan and David face off. Colby tells Damon what she wants. Jesse finds David’s fingerprints on the flash drive that sabotaged Fusion. Erica sees Greenlee.
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As The World Turns (CBS/Global)
Molly sees blood on Holden’s clothes. Holden tells Lily and Luke that Damian is gone for good. Reid pisses Henry off. Luke wants to support Noah. Lucinda hires a private investigator to search for Damian. Liberty tries to meet up with Carly in New York. Lucinda issues Holden an apology for trusting Damien over him. Tom and Casey have a discussion about his future. Janet turns to Carly for help with Liberty. Alison goes too far by sleeping with Mick on the night before her wedding. Emily makes a realization regarding Mick. Molly tells the truth about Damien. Alison feels guilty and begins to push Casey away. Barbara announces that Mick is actually James. Paul later has Mick’s DNA tested. Henry convinces Katie to let him move in with her instead of Reid but she refuses because there’s no history or emotional entanglement with him. Reid toys with Henry’s jealousy by making him think he’s interested in Katie. Henry later vows to get rid of Reid. Janet denies her feelings for Dusty while Teri thinks she has a shot with him. Jack tells Carly that he loves her but Carly tells him she can’t be with him until his ties to Janet and Liberty are cut.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)
Sandy waits on the confirmation of the identity of her attacker. Steffy issues Katie a warning. Hope arrives at Graham’s for the party. Rick fills Katie and Steffy in on Graham’s reputation with women in Europe. Bridget vents to Whip about her thoughts and feelings regarding Sandy. Brooke searches for Hope. Sandy discovers the identity of her attacker and rushes to confront him with Nick and the police. Sandy risks the pregnancy when she confronts her attacker (which by now you should all realize is Graham – big surprise there). Hope is touched by Ridge’s promise. Bridget is upset with both Sandy and Nick and later confronts Sandy about the secrets that she’s keeping.
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Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)
Ciara catches Bo and Carly kissing. Melanie makes and admission to Carly. Hope questions Vivian about her interest in Melanie. Victor warns Vivian to stay away from Melanie. Bo finds out that Carly was invited to Melanie’s wedding. Arianna runs into EJ. Anna runs into Rafe. Bo realizes that Ciara shredded Carly’s dress. Brady and Rafe interrupt a moment between Arianna and EJ. Anna gets upset when Sami opens up to her about Sydney. Rafe questions EJ about Anna and finally gets a clue (it’s about time). Hope threatens to take Ciara away from Bo. Ciara walks in on Bo and Hope arguing. Carly talks to Chloe about her fertility problems. Nathan struggles with his feelings for Melanie. Stefano receives an eviction notice. Kate is shocked she has to share her duties at Philip’s wedding. Nathan gets drunk and almost tells Melanie he loves her. Sami pulls away from her kiss with Rafe.
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General Hospital (ABC/A)
Sonny is shocked to discover that he has shot his own son. Olivia and Sonny struggle to keep Dante alive while waiting for the paramedics arrive. Carly discovers that Franco has sent Josslyn a christening present. Robin is stunned to learn that Patrick knew “Dominic” was Sonny’s son. Jason tells Sonny to leave the country. Jax comes clean. Michael tells Morgan and Kristina that he killed Claudia. Luke worries at what implications Lulu might face. Sam tries to help Sonny. Dante is furious with Olivia when he discovers that Sonny is his father. Carly decides to leave Jax. Lulu lashes out at Sonny. Olivia and Dante lie to protect Sonny. Lucky makes it clear that he wants nothing to do with Elizabeth.

One Life to Live (ABC/SunTV)
Schuyler gets cold feet about following through with Stacy’s plan and wants to put an end to all the lies. Danielle and Matthew are reunited. Brody tries to get John out of jail. Rex takes Stacy to the hospital. Gigi tells Rex that she’s in love with Schuyler. John believes that Mitch is using the observatory as his hideout. Dorian and Charlie’s car collides with that of John, Brody and Natalie. Stacy tells Mitch that Rex is not the father of her baby. Rex and Fish team up.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Victor and Adam are working together. Michael hears shocking news about Eden. Kevin gives Ryder a generous gift. Rafe warns Sharon. Ashley begins to remember incidents from last summer and questions Adam about the time when she thought she killed Sabrina. Ashley realizes that Adam fed her misinformation which made her go insane. When Phyllis finds out about Ashley and Adam’s fight, she brings up his fight with Dr. Taylor. Neil makes a promise to Ashley and makes a pact with Phyllis in regards to Adam. Gloria approaches Jack about a partnership. Noah makes a shocking discovery in Daisy’s room. Jill and Kay are in danger. Patty suffers a breakdown. Adam carries out Victor’s plan. Jill receives devastating news.
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