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True Blood, Saturday Night Live, Gossip Girl and more

— Here’s the new cast shot for True Blood’s third season! The show’s back in about 47 days.

— While the Gabourey Sidibe/MGMT edition of Saturday Night Live didn’t live up to its hype, the “Weekend Update” segment was still worth the watch, especially the ‘Girl Scout Cookie’ bit with writer John Mulaney (he asked “How come you have to know a child in a baeret to get them?”). Some of you may recognize Mulaney from VH1’s Best Week Ever. Check out Mulaney’s interview with New York Magazine.

Kristin Cavallari wants you to know that although The Hills begins its final season tonight, “MTV can order an additional 12 episodes.”

— Not only will Rob Lowe be appearing on Parks & Recreation (2 eps this season, 6 next), the actor will also guest star in the upcoming fourth season of Californication where he’ll play Eddie Nero, a movie star that’s up to play Hank (David Duchovny) in the film adaptation of his novel. Lowe makes his final Brothers & Sisters appearance in the season finale on May 16th.

TNT has picked up a third season of Southland. The series airs on Super Channel in Canada.

— I really want Alyssa Milano back on TV but Romantically Challenged has yet to win me over. Although she says it won’t happen, I still think that the characters will all end up paired together. Also, no way do I buy her as a mother of a 15 year-old.

— Some random notes about last night’s lineup of Chuck, 24 and Gossip Girl: While I’m enjoying the all-lovey-dovey Chuck and Sarah, I’m worried that this happiness will come to a painful crash soon. I just hope it won’t be deadly. Watching Chloe trick Jack was painful to watch…but of course Jack knew the game plan all along. I didn’t realize how much Billy Baldwin sounded like his brother Alec. The Rufus vs. William feud looks interesting. Couldn’t they bring back Eric for the Van Der Woodsen family reunion? Eric deserves better than being mainly used for Little Jenny-related shenanigans. I also loved that our Blair finally grew up.

— While Vanessa’s pleather leggings from Brooklyn brought out a more mature post-breakup Blair by the end of last night’s episode – the latest Gossip Girl poster suggests that the bitch (or ‘*itch’ rather) will be making a comeback when she sets her sights on Columbia University. Here’s Leighton Meester’s new ad:


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