Soap Spoilers: Mac and JT kiss on Y&R, Nightime Hope tells Baker to get rid of Nicole on DAYS plus Sonny and Carly hit the sheets on GH


For the week of May 10, 2010:

All My Children (ABC/A)
A tearful Marissa arrives at Tad and Kystal’s place. Annie confides in Liza that she is ready for the divorce. David punches JR after learning that he cheated on Marissa. David worries about Greenlee’s relationship with Ryan. Amanda worries that she’ll end up like her mother. David finds Greenlee’s pregnancy test. JR wonders how Marissa truly feels about him. Annie encounters a mugger in the park. David and Greenlee have differences regarding the subject of children. Madison lies to Ryan. Marissa tells JR to keep his doctor’s appointment. Scott upsets JR when he offers to let Annie move into the gatehouse. Greenlee tells Erica that she is fighting for Fusion. Amanda is troubled when Trevor gets a high fever. Marissa is worried that JR will fall off the wagon.

As the World Turns (CBS/Global)
Holden is determined to protect Lily from Craig. Eliza’s safety is called into question. Emily gets into a difficult situation. Molly puts her plan to get Holden into action. Meg is upset when she is unable to turn Paul against Emily. Reid is called out on his jealousy. Henry and Barbara play a naughty game. Liberty schemes to reunite Janet and Dusty. Dusty and Jack team up. Dusty sets up a fake inheritance from Rocco in Janet’s name. Carly schemes to keep Jack in the dark. Luke and Reid share a close moment but could get caught by Noah. Craig is suspicious of Parker. Gabriel struggles to recover.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)
Bridget and Jackie panic when Nick wants answers. Hope is surprised when Oliver refers to her as his girlfriend. Hope is offered a scholarship to a school on the East Coast. Brooke and Taylor argue about Steffy and Ridget is shocked to hear Brooke say horrible things about his daughter. Steffy reveals a plan to Pam about her plot to get rid of the Logans for good. Brooke has a dream that shakes her to the core. Pam and Steffy conspire to pull a prank on Hope. Steffy plots to use Oliver in her latest scheme.

Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)
Melanie advises Nathan not to rush into a relationship. Vivian suggests to Chloe that they work together. Nightime Hope tells Baker to get rid of Nicole. Carly warns Vivian to keep her claws retracted. Nicole forces Baker’s hand. Arianna and Brady fight over Nicole meddling in their lives. Sami assures EJ that no one can take his place in his kids’ hearts. Anna suggests o Calliope that they travel together. Chad has second thoughts about going away to college. Madeline’s secret is revealed. Sami fights with Will. Nicole and Brady have a heated moment. Rafe presses Anna for the truth regarding Sydney’s kidnapping.

General Hospital (ABC/A)
Morgan blames Dante for Michael’s sentence. Jason makes a deal with Anthony. Carly lies to Lulu about not wanting Dante to suffer. Michael faces his first night in jail. Lucky turns down Elizabeth’s invitation and spends time with Maxie instead. Sonny and Carly blame themselves for Michael’s situation. Patrick is unsure what to do when Robin starts remembering Stone. Carly and Sonny have sex. Jason looks to make a deal with Claire. Morgan tells Sonny that they shouldn’t see each other anymore. Sonny and Jax face off. Michael faces danger in jail. Carly tells Jax that their marriage is over.

One Life to Live (ABC/SunTV)
Rex tells Gigi that Otto isn’t revealing anything. Todd refuses to make a deal with Hannah. Hannah tells Cole about Todd’s threat. Danielle tells Matthew that she kissed Nate. Cole and Todd are locked up in jail. Roxy shares the true reason why Natalie wants to move to London. Marty steals Natalie’s letter which was meant for John. Jessica accuses Cristian of being jealous. OLTL debuts Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical on Friday. In the first part, the crew is treated to makeovers at the Foxy Roxy and Starr is hurt after overhearing a conversation between Hannah and Cole.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Jack finds a pulse when he gets to Emily in the morgue. Victoria confronts JT about Mac. Lily and Cane face a difficult decision when the talk to Olivia. Victor’s manipulation backfires. Phyllis and Daniel meet Tawny, Amber’s mother. Tensions build as the Winters’ fight to save Lily. Paul makes a heartfelt plea on Patty’s behalf. Billy and Victoria decide to take a vacation. JT concedes for shared custody of Reed, as long as Victor has no contact with him.  Lauren impersonates Sarah. JT and Reed take Mac on an outing. Mac and JT share a kiss.


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