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Meet MTV’s Downtown Girls

MTV is set to debut its latest reality series, Downtown Girls this week. The series is set in New York City and chronicles the personal and professional lives of five girls. So what sets these girls on that other Manhattan MTV series? Well, instead of looking for the perfect uptown life, these girls “prefer the wild and unexpected ride” which makes them ‘downtown’ girls.

The show will premiere tonight in the U.S. at 11pm and tomorrow night in Canada, at 10:30pm (after The City). As of next week, Canadian viewers can catch it Mondays at 10pm on MTV.

Here’s some info about our five girls:

Shallon Lester:
– Series narrator
– A blogger and contributor for (hey there, Carrie Bradshaw!)
– You can actually see Shallon’s contribution here – proving this is not an just your typical “internship” at Teen Vogue
– She’s 27 – so they’re already 10 years older than LC and the Laguna crew were when Laguna Beach/The Hills/The City saga first began
– Likes dating younger guys
– When she worked for the New York Daily News as a gossip columnist, the paper tried to shop around a reality show based on the gossip world, however TV execs wanted to base the show around her instead
– Published her first novel in 2008, Hot Mess and is working on a second one, Exes and Ohs (a collection of humour memoirs) set to be released next spring
– Also offered guys advice on Double Agent
– Fan of Canada’s very own Degrassi
– She’s on Twitter
– She’s on Tumblr

Gurj Bassi:
– A digital marketing guru (digital content and marketing coordinator) at Atlantic Records
– Not only is she British but boasts an Indian background as well – finally some real diversity
– Has a “serious” boyfriend, Jared Piccone, but he’s usually away touring with his band (Innerpartysystem)
– Very career minded and knows to cut the drinking at work events in order to get ahead. According to a Sep. 2008 Page Six article, she gave up drinking the year before because she’d wake up thinking, “Oh god, what did I do? Who did I drunk text?”
– She’s on Twitter
– She’s on Flickr

Nikki Laura Cohen:
– Owns her own fashion boutique, Nikki Laura, for some reason the site doesn’t list the address – which should be located in soho/Nolita
– Comes from a wealthy (meet our Charlotte) Long Island family
– Has allegedly dated “every” Jewish guy in Manhattan
– One of Shallon’s roommates
– Graduated from the Parsons School of Design, so don’t judge her (solely) by her family’s money
– Her store has attracted celebs like Minka Kelly and even Chelsea Clinton
– Has styled her childhood friend Jamie-Lynn Sigler for the red carpet
– She’s on Twitter

Victoria Eisner:
– An aspiring attorney (how Miranda of her)
– Currently awaiting the results from her second bar exam
– Also one of Shallon’s roommates
– Has been dubbed “the queen of the first date,” because she is notoriously single
– Her eccentric ways are supposed to provide us with some comic relief
– She’s on Twitter

Sarah “Klo” McLynn:
– A bride-to-be
– Shallon’s best friend
– A little older (so the Samantha of the crew)
– Also supposed to be funny
– Klo and Shallon don’t spend that much time together anymore because of Klo’s upcoming nuptials, but is still there to give Shallon advice
– She’s not on Twitter…age thing?


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  • Downtown Shallon
    Downtown Shallon
    June 1, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Thanks for the awesome article you guys! I’m also a HUUUUGE hockey fan, and you’ll definitely see some ice time in the show! xoxoxo


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