Soap Spoilers: Oliver hooked up with Brooke on B&B, Jennifer returns when Alice falls ill on DAYS and Jake & Amanda get re-married on AMC


Here are this weeks soap spoilers. My appologies for the delay (it was the big Vanessa Marcil returns to GH news day yesterday):

All My Children (ABC/A)
Scott looks for revenge. Liza hires an exotic dancer to manipulate Damon and Colby. JR becomes jealous of Scott and Annie’s friendship. Ryan and Greenlee share a close moment. David takes a swing at Jake. Liza tries to seduce Damon, who tells her that he is on to her plan. Jake and David end up at the police station. Greenlee tells Ryan that she knows about Erica. Angie faints and falls into Jesse’s arms. Feelings arise between Tad and Liza. Krystal and Jackson leave town to find Erica. Amanda is unable to find her wedding ring. Jake and Amanda’s wedding gets underway. Angie assures Jesse that she is okay.
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As the World Turns (CBS/Global)
Lily has to deal with Holden’s proposal to Molly. Molly, however, is unsure about Holden. Meg’s tox screen results are in. Henry is seduced. Luke helps Bob with a possible client. Emily tries to win Paul over. Casey questions Vienna’s honesty. Bob asks Luke to help him schmooze a potential investor. Parker tries to help Liberty graduate. Molly makes a decision. Janet plans a party for Liberty. Lucinda keeps a hold on Gabriel. Janet and Dusty make love. Katie avoids dealing with her feelings for Chris. Katie helps Vienna with her pregnancy scam. Janet is rushed to the hospital. Parker and Gabriel spar over Liberty.

The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS/CTV)
Oliver realizes that he hooked up with Brooke, not Hope at the masquerade graduation party. Stephanie makes an admission that shocks Eric. Oliver makes an emotional confession to Hope. Brooke, thinking that it was Ridge who “surprised” her as a very confusing conversation with him. Stephen tries to convince Pam to free herself from the hold that Stephanie has over her. Oliver becomes defensive over Brooke’s accusations. Stephanie and Ridge have a cathartic moment. Bridget’s ultrasound results are revealed. Stephan asks Pam to take a drastic step to liberate herself from Stephanie’s control. Stephanie discovers the reason for Pam’s erratic behaviour. Oliver worries that Hope will see the truth when she watches Daddy Yankee’s music video.
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Days of our Lives (NBC/Global)
Rafe and Shane plan their escape. Stephanie tells Nathan that she might be pregnant. Chloe has second thoughts. Philip struggles with his guilt. Sami and EJ share a kiss. Gabi is upset when she finds Brady and Nicole being intimate. The Horton family learns that Alice is dying. Stefano seeks revenge on Madeline. Melanie asks Carly about Chloe’s accident. Maggie and Julie share memories of Alice. EJ overhears Nicole taunting Arianna. Jennifer returns to Salem. Victor offers to help Brady prove Arianna’s innocence. Hope hold off on taking her sleeping pills. Brady attends the game.
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General Hospital (ABC/A)
Carter attacks Jason in prison. Sonny visits Kristina and asks her to try therapy again. Lulu and Dante encounter intimacy issues. Olivia gives Sonny some advice. Michael begs Jason not to fight Carter. Jason tells Sam that he is going to kill Carter. Lulu tells Sonny that she will never forgive him. Dante sees Brooklyn in nothing but a towel. Skye asks Ethan to build up Kristina’s confidence. Lulu issues Brooklyn a warning. Lisa drops Patrick to go out on a date with Steve. Jason stabs Carter in the stomach. Kristina wants Sonny to get exactly what he deserves. Dante gets a photo from Franco. Lucky pretends to be someone he’s not. Jason receives a shocking message.

One Life to Live (ABC/SunTV)

Bo and Nora tie the knot for the second time. Danielle tells Matthew that she is not in love with him. Gigi and Rex confess their true feelings for each other. John and Natalie get intimate. Hannah tells an unconscious Ford that he got what he deserved. Mrs. Rivera delivers some harsh words to Dorian. Ford wakes up and receives an unexpected visitor. David pays Viki a visit. Markko is shocked by Langston’s confession. Kelly hires Jessica to work at the newspaper. Charlie and Dorian are caught in a compromising situation, as are Viki and David.

The Young and the Restless (CBS/Global)
Victor heads to Ottawa to track down Adam. Cane issues Mac with court papers. Phyllis plans to solve her problem with Sharon. Adam is in Brazil with Skye (who has also faked her death). Victor finds a clue. Phyllis and Sharon reach an agreement. Emily realizes that she needs to find her brother, Jamie. Neil is horrified to learnt hat Cane and Malcolm have betrayed Lily’s trust. Victor has a sinking feeling. Nick risks his freedom for his family. A family crisis involving Liz brings Snapper home and he’s got news about Jill’s paternity (she’s got a sister in town).
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