Soap Spoilers: Robin finds out about Patrick’s affair with Lisa on GH, Nikki falls off the wagon on Y&R and Sami learns the truth about EJ on DAYS


Marissa admits that she slept with Scott. Angie discusses her medical condition with David. Ryan promises to help Greenlee. Annie tells JR to work on his marriage. Marissa wants JR to admit that he really doesn’t love her. Scott makes a confession to Annie. David tries to comfort Marissa. Ryan reveals his plan to Madison. Asher covers for Damon. Kendall opens up to Bianca. Zach tells Kendall that he wants her to be happy. Caleb asks Tad to help bring David down. Greenlee questions Madison about her husband’s death. David tells Liza how much he misses his daughter. Liza wants the DA position. Kendall tells Greenlee to act on her feelings for Ryan.
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Craig is surprised to learn about Blackthorn’s associates. Lucinda gets a mysterious phone call. Craig flaunts his relationship with Lily in front of Lucinda. Janet closes in on Dusty’s location. Jack comes to Dusty’s defence. Holden tries to explain his relationship to Faith. Chris confronts Reid for telling Luke about his condition. Henry reacts to his lack of support from Barbara. Katie wonders what his wrong with Chris. Bob and Kim see John check into the Lakeview.

Brooke and Hope talk. Bill fires Liam. Ridge assures Thomas he will one day own a share of the company. Nick and Brooke reflect on their time together. Steffy has a plan to get rid of Brooke at Forrester again. Jackie shares her feelings about Nick’s relationship with Aggie. Stephanie tries to tell Ridge about his future. Liam makes Ridge an offer. Steffy attempts to enlist Marcus to join her in getting Brooke out of the company. The Forrester family is stunned when Thomas sides with Brooke over his sister. Ridge is forced to make a decision about Forrester Creations.
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Roman stops Sami and EJ’s wedding. Rafe builds a case against EJ.  Chloe receives good news. Rafe wants to speak with Sami alone. Bo testifies on Hope’s behalf. Vivian makes her plans clear. Sami doesn’t know who to believe. Baker has a change of heart. Melanie tells Maggie about Chloe’s pregnancy. Nicole panics. EJ tries to defend his actions. Nicole thinks that EJ will kill her. Rafe makes a promise. Stefano lectures EJ. Daniel and Chloe share their news with Victor. Vivian sets her horrific plan for Maggie into action. Sami and Rafe reaffirm their love for each other while EJ spends what was supposed to be his wedding night alone. Philip is the father of Chloe’s baby.
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Fiona wants to act against Bobby’s violence, but testifying against him is stressing her out. Fiona later attempts to medicate herself. Bianca invites Drew to the boiler room. A dance at Degrassi spirals into chaos despite Holly J’s promise that there will not be any problems. (Summer finale airs this Thursday)
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Jason rescues Sam. Johnny arrives in the ER. Brenda isn’t interested in being the centerpiece of Franco’s next work. Ronnie gets rid of Johnny’s gun and arrests Sonny. Patrick finds Emma with Lisa. Patrick tells Robin about his one night stand with Lisa. Robin wants Patrick out of the house. Kristina stands vigil outside the ICU after Johnny’s surgery. Robin has a public meltdown. Maxie turns to Lucky for help in digging up dirt on Lisa. Brook Lyn denies Michael’s accusations. Lulu confronts Brook and warns her to stay away from Dante. Olivia tells Johnny she loves him. Nikolas contacts Sarah and arranges a visit for Liz and the boys. Sonny considers jumping bail. Lisa throws herself in front of Robin’s car. Brook lies to Carly. Brenda accepts Murphy’s marriage proposal.
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Kelly tries to get Ford’s help to prove Eli’s a killer. Eli tells Blair he doesn’t want a double wedding with David and Dorian. Cole warns James to stay away from Starr. Dorian and David’s wedding comes to a halt. Shaun is abducted. John and Brody fear for Blair’s safety. Shaun agrees to take Todd and Dani to see Tea. John reveals to Kelly and Ford that Eli eluded them. John tells Marty that Natalie is pregnant. Jessica seeks Ford’s medical history. Ross is devastated to learn about Tea. Blair discovers a gun. Todd and Dani rush to see Tea.

Heather is fired. JT is shocked by Victoria and Billy’s announcement. Phillip returns with a warning. Lauren decides to crash the twins’ christening. JT and Victoria start a war. Meggie makes Nikki fall off the wagon. Victor has a secret weapon. Victoria and Billy find their dream home.
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