Spoilers: Gossip Girl, 90210, The Office and more


— Look for Chuck to come between Rufus and Lily on Gossip Girl. While Lily is easy to forgive Chuck for his misdeeds, Rufus isn’t so forgiving as far as the situation with Jenny is concerned. Eric will also fill Rufus in on the Chuck/Jenny drama from the pilot (Entertainment Weekly). Just because Blair and Chuck will be hooking up early in the new season, doesn’t mean they’ll be getting back together (E!). Dan and Vanessa move in together in the third episode (Entertainment Weekly).

— Expect a lot of PDA coming from Rachel and Fin when Glee returns (TV Guide). Although Teri and Will have divorced, Jessalyn Gilsig will still be on the show. Teri’s new job is going to integrate her into the glee club (E!).

— Annie and Liam ask Noami’s permission to start dating on 90210 (E!). Of course Naomi’s going to be an emotional mess after being raped by the creepy prof in the season finale to really care. But wait a minute – so Annie killed a dude at the end of the first season, finally confessed to the crime at the end of the last season and won’t have to pay for the crime? She’s free to date Liam? I want Jasper to come back and join forces with Naomi…they’d be the best dysfunctional couple West Bev has seen in a long time! Also, look for Liam to become a pool boy.

— Although the new season won’t premiere until 2011, Amanda Seyfried and Aaron Paul could reprise their roles as Sarah and Scott for Big Love’s thanksgiving episode. (E!)

— Andy and Erin (Ed Helms and Ellie Kemper) won’t be reuniting anytime soon on The Office. Erin’s got a new boyfriend, Gabe (Zac Wood) (E!). Meanwhile, Timothy Olyphant will play a salesman who used to date Pam (E!). He should be around for a few episodes. He dated Pam after her break up with Roy, while Jim was with Karen (Entertainment Weekly).

Grey’s Anatomy’s Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) will get married on the September 23rd season premiere. (E!)

— 007 meets Sarah Connor! Timothy Dalton will appear on Chuck as a mystery man who has ties to Chuck’s mom, played by Linda Hamilton. (Entertainment Weekly)

— The new season of Brothers & Sisters will pick up one year after the car crash. Balthazar Getty (Tommy) and Rob Lowe (Robert) are out and Emily VanCamp (Rebecca) will only be back in the third and fourth episode. (E!)

— Here’s the new Desperate Housewives promo with Vanessa Williams who will play Lynette’s former college roommate and rival, Renée. Also look out for Lois Smith (Gran from True Blood) to appear in the fifth episode as Tom’s mother, Allison, who helps him get over his post-partum depression. (TV Guide)


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