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Soap Spoilers: Brenda and Sonny kiss on GH, Sami and Rafe get married on DAYS, Nick follows Sharon to New Orleans on Y&R and more

The news of Zach’s death spreads throughout Pine Valley. Jesse reveals the sex of the baby to Angie. Jackson learns that the jury has reached a decision. Yup, David’s alive! Greenlee apologizes to Kendall. Griffin shows up at Kendall’s looking for Zach. Kendall loses it on Greenlee.
* Due to American Thanksgiving, AMC will re-air the episode where Caleb had his party on Thursday. AMC will not air on Friday.
* Canadian viewers can also catch up on AMC online at

Bill, Katie and Donna have different views about Hope and Liam’s relationship. Amber, disguised as a car driver, takes Liam away from Hope’s party. Hope is forced to choose between Oliver and Liam. Nick hears a confession from Owen before welcoming his mother back to Jackie M. Taylor and Brooke look to Stephanie to pick sides regarding Thomas. Bill and Katie disagree on Liam and Hope’s relationship.
* Canadian viewers can also catch up on B&B online at

Gus knocks Victor out. Stefanoe and Chad head to the hospital for a paternity test. Caroline offers her support to Sami. EJ goes ballistic when he learns that Sami and Rafe are married. Brady stops Vivian from killing Victor. Sami breaks down. Doug and Julie visit Hope. Maggie tells Victor to get out of her life. Hope is sent to solitary confinement. Hope sends Jennifer a message. Vivian threatens Brady. Melanie and Nathan reveal their feelings to each other as their symptoms get worse. Gabi and Will grow closer. Sami prepares to hand Sydney and Johnny over to EJ and Nicole.
* DAYS is pre-empted on Thursday (some Canadian markets on Wednesday) but will a brand new episode on Friday.
* Canadian viewers can also catch up on DAYS online at


Brenda and Sonny submit to fate. Dante discusses his love life with Michael. Matt and Patrick suspect that Maxie purposely framed Lisa. Brenda reveals secrets to Sonny. Dante and Lulu have a romantic evening. Patrick and Robin grow closer. Brenda and Sonny kiss. Robin, Maxie, Sam and Molly conspire to set Mac and Alexis up during Thanksgiving dinner. The Spencers and Quartermaine’s celebrate Thanksgiving with the traditional pizza.
* GH
will air an encore of Brenda’s return to Port Charles on Thursday while the show will be pre-empted on Friday.

Todd has Marty barred from seeing Hope. Marty gets her hands on Natalie’s paternity results. Jessica and Brody view the paternity results. Natalie lies about her baby’s paternity and tells Gigi the truth. Roxy evicts Echo. Clint’s deception becomes apparent to Matthew. Echo, Charlie and Rex have lunch together. Eddie arrives at the Cramer’s Thanksgiving. Joey returns to Llanview. Dani urges Destiny not to divorce her parents.
will air a repeat on Thursday (Tea and Danielle’s reunion). It will not air on Friday.

Victor’s actions ruin both Adam and Jack. Malcolm thinks that Blake is untrustworthy. Kevin confronts Chloe about her feelings for Ronan. Abby tries to reach out to Victor on Thanksgiving. Nick decides to follow Sharon to New Orleans. Suspicion falls upon Adam after Skye goes missing. Victoria receives a surprise from Billy.
* Y&R is pre-empted on Wednesday and Thursday in Canada (Thu/Fri in the U.S.).
* Canadian viewers can also catch up on Y&R online at


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