Soap Spoilers: Will Philip and Chloe’s Affair be exposed on DAYS? Nick and Diane hook up on Y&R, The Balkan is revealed on GH and more!


Amanda asks Griffin why Cara’s in town. Erica tells Greenlee that if she really wants to help Kendall, then she should stay away from her. Randi councils Madison on what she should do. Tad warns Cara to stay away from Jake. Caleb reassures Erica that she is a good mother. Jackson tells Erica that he wants them to get married on New Year’s Eve. JR, Tad, Krystal, AJ and Marissa set up the Christmas tree. In a jealous rage, Annie rips apart her hotel room. Madison’s hit with a wave of emotions. Kendall agrees to hear Ryan out. Jake is rattled after he has another flashback of Cara. Madison tells Frankie the decision she made regarding Ryan. Madison confides in Kendall that she’s thinking of leaving town. Liza delivers big news to Ryan and Greenlee. Amanda wants to meet Cara for lunch so they can get to know each other.
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Nick invites Aggie to celebrate Christmas with him. Whip pulls a prank at the Forrester Taboo show. Justin and Donna reconnect as they share their pride in Marcus’ success. Jarrett finds results in Whip’s prank. Hope is worried about Liam. Brooke and Thomas make a decision to keep something that happened backstage from Ridge and Taylor. Oliver rebuffs Amber’s advances because he’s determined to reunite with Hope. Ridge demands answers after he sees a backstage photo. Liam is offended by Hope’s remark about Bill. Whip makes sure that Taylor sees the photo on the internet. Oliver tells Amber to get a job. Taylor is upset about he photo. Aggie warns Whip about trying to best the Forresters. Bill tells Liam about the big party he wants to throw for him. Amber delves into the Spencer history. Bill isn’t happy when Liam asks Hope to be his date for the party. Justin wants Donna to come as his guest while Amber wants Marcus to get her on the guest list.
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Rafe and Victor discuss their mutual enemies. Gabi and Will notice something strange about Johnny in the wedding pictures. Abe sees Ben comforting Lexie. Daniel overhears a stunning conversation. Nicole pretends to break up with EJ. Lexie continues to be furious with Sami. Daniel confronts Philip for cheating on Melanie, unaware that he slept with Chloe. EJ becomes concerned about Johnny. Daniel and Philip’s fight is interrupted. Victor makes a realization. Sami believes that Johnny is sick. Hope prays for a miracle. Philip and Chloe worry that the truth will come out. Sami and EJ receive bad news. Bo gives Ciara a Christmas gift. Philip lies to Daniel.
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Brenda and Sonny make love. Jerry Jacks returns. Michael tells Sam about his feelings for Abby. Robin and Patrick come close to reconciling. Lisa manages to avoid disciplinary actions thanks to Johnny. Siobhan asks Nikolas to help get Lucky off the Balkan case. Carly asks Luke to dig up dirt on Abby. Sonny gives Brenda an early Christmas present. Theo announces that he’s suing General Hospital for malpractice (meanwhile, I and fans everywhere decide to sue General Hospital for botching Brenda’s return). Luke fights his instincts to flee before the wedding. Robin tries to sway Theo out of the malpractice suit. Sonny wants to bring Jerry down once and for all. Lulu wonders if Dante is still in love with Brenda. Liz is not happy that Nikolas and Brook Lynn have grown closer. Laura calls Luke. The Balkan is revealed, could it be Theo?


James threatens Eddie. Matthew puts Nora and Rex in danger. Eddie is murdered. Rex is seriously injured. Blair and Dorian convince Kelly to tell Joey that she’s still in love with him. Bo doesn’t remember when happened the night before. Viki confronts Echo about kissing Charlie. Starr has some difficult questions for James about his father. John and Natalie begin an investigation into the Eddie Ford case. Viki agrees to let Dorian help her get Echo out of her home and life. Matthew tells Destiny that he saw his dad with Inez. A worried Bo looks for Nora. Blair and Tea grill Todd about Eddie Ford. Starr gets Tea to represented James. Clint continues to blackmail Inez.


Phyllis becomes Sharon and Adam’s reluctant ally. Ano
ther secret from the past threatens to destroy Cane. Victoria and Nick’s bond begins to fall apart. Cane hits his boiling point with is father, Colin. Kevin admits his feelings for Chloe. Ronan and Heather share a kiss when they discuss his health. Diane confides a secret to Nick. Jana does what she can to get closer to Kevin. Kevin and Jana escape. Colin and Jill are interrupted. Adam finally gets a lead. Michael puts Lauren’s mind at ease. Jana receives a warning. Nick and Diane hook up (this is what happens when you de-age Nick’s ex-step-mother). Billy tries to make Victoria happy.
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