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Soap Recap: Franco is NOT the father on GH, Madison had a secret senior-husband on DAYS and more

For the week ending February, 10, 2012


Taylor pointed out the obvious: Hope/Liam/Steffy are Brooke/Ridge/Taylor redux

After he leaves Steffy, Liam and Hope promise to spend the rest of their lives together. Brooke and Ridge waited to hear which one of their daughters Liam would choose. Taylor found out that Liam was going to serve her daughter with annulment papers, but still tried to convince him to give his marriage with Steffy another shot. Hope told Brooke that she wanted to marry Liam as soon as possible.

Taylor points out that Hope is doing to Liam what Brooke did with Ridge years ago. Hope went over to console Steffy after she received the annulment papers but Steffy warned Hope that she hasn’t given up on having a future with Liam. Hope held a press conference where she announced she was still virtuous and that Liam was going to marry her the next day while Ridge and Taylor worried about Steffy’s emotional state.

The Logan’s gathered at Brooke’s house on Friday for Hope and Liam’s wedding while Steffy still hadn’t signed the divorce papers – Steffy wants a actual divorce because an annulment makes it seem like she and Liam meant nothing to each other.  Rick told Hope he would make sure she has a happy life with Liam. Ridge tried to get Steffy to sign the annulment papers while Hope waited for Liam to arrive.

Coming Up: Hope and Steffy face-off, Taylor and Thorne’s Valentine’s Day plans go awry, Katie and Rick team up to help Hope and Steffy discovers another reason to hate Brooke.


Madison’s married to an old man

Austin visited with Kate at the DiMera mansion where he told his mother about the tension with Carrie. Kate told Austin to spend more time with his wife. Stefano tried to play nice and invited Austin and Carrie over for dinner one night. Sami walked in on Rafe and Carrie kissing and she lashes out on them. Sami refused to listen to them as they tried to explain that they got caught up in the excitement of solving a case. Austin arrived and found out about the kiss and went on to attack Rafe, but Carrie stopped him. Carrie tried to tell Austin that the kiss meant nothing, but he walked out on her. Meanwhile, Sami kicked Rafe out of the loft. Austin ended up drunk in his office where Abigail dropped by and they ended up kissing.

EJ and Nicole accused Abe and Jennifer of receiving the debate questions early. Nicole realized that Lexie had no idea that her husband was playing dirty and told EJ they could exploit this and bring Lexie back over to the DiMera side.
Hope finally opened that damn letter and found out that she and John were married (back from the Princess Gina/Mercenary John days – yes, so stupid). Carrie informed Bope and Jarlena that they weren’t allowed to file an annulment because the marriage was consummated (back when Zach’s paternity was in question) and in order to have the marriage annulled, Fancy Face and Stefano’s Pawn have to head to Alamania (seriously) together and stay there for two weeks while waiting on the annulment.

A hungover Austin woke up the next morning and assumed he and Abigail had sex – Abigail didn’t tell him otherwise. Feeling guilty, Austin made peace with Carrie and suggested they move back to Zurich where they never argued. Now that she thinks she’s got Austin, Abigail forgave Melanie and told her to go for Chad. Abigail later saw Austin and Carrie kissing in the Horton Square.

Rafe tells Sami that he’s quit his practice with Carrie. Will is stunned to learn that Rafe has moved out and blasts Sami for being a hypocrite. At the pub, Rafe (finally) realized that there’s more going on and asked Will what he’s been keeping from him about Sami.

A mysterious figure watches as Brady takes Madison out for a night at the square. Brady proposes to Madison as Nicole and EJ look on. Madison doesn’t give Brady an answer to his proposal and heads back to her hotel room where she’s greeted by the mystery figure, Ian (soap vet Ian Buchanan). Ian grills Madison about her relationship with another man just as Brady arrives. Ian introduces himself to Brady as Madison’s husband.

Coming Up: Victor appoints Ian as the new CEO of Titan, EJ worries that Nicole will find out his secret from Will, Rafe refuses to give up on his marriage and the new mayor of Salem is revealed.


James Franco is NOT the father

The DNA results are in: Jason’s the father of Sam’s baby. When Sonny asked Kate where she was all night, she had no clue. The show wastes Helena’s screentime by placing her with Cassandra where they argue and stuff. Maxie attempts to make Matt jealous with Spinelli. Robin finds out that the new drug protocol is working. They later check out the lot that Patrick got and imagine what their new house will look like (Emma stayed in the car). Carly found out that Kate is the new co-owner of the Metro Court.

Maxie and Matt are at odds over his friendship with Elizabeth. Matt is less than thrilled about Liz and Ewen’s friendship. Lulu starts working at the PCPD by organizing the evidence room. Olivia confronts Kate about taking ownership of the Metro Court and what’s going on with her and Sonny.

Robin called Maggie and Steve out on their past and some boring details were revealed about some secret they shared in Memphis (we fell asleep). Ethan blindfolded Cassandra, but when it wasn’t for anything kinking (about helping her find out about her passed), we fell back asleep since both actors are leaving.

Diane gave Alexis a book on menopause, while Molly tried to help TJ read (no, not the book about menopause).

Jason and Sam later discussed how Carzilla will react to the news that their having a baby. The show even brought Monica out to discuss Jason’s impending fatherhood while Sam shared the baby news with Molly and Alexis (we miss you Kristina). Jason would later have what is being called a “neurological” episode. It may or may not having something to do with Oscar ® nominated actor James Franco. Sam returned home to find St. Jason unconscious.

Molly made a new friend on MyFace, the Facebook rip-off. Carly gave some advice to the unshaved Johnny who is still dealing with the fact this his sister (who was only eight years older) is actually his biological mother. The hot lady cop with the accent tried to call Johnny for help, but Carly and Johnny were a little too busy.

Maxie complained to Monica about Liz, while little Cameron finally confronted Liz about Lucky not being around.

Coming Up: Anna (Finola Hughes) returns, Jason tells Carly about the baby, Robin tries to help Jason, Dante is being followed and PRAISE SOAP JESUS, RON CARLAVATI’S MATERIAL STARTS AIRING!


Ricky blogged about his crazy aunt Patty while Nikki Newman finally moved back to the ranch – but for how long?

Lily and Cane become engaged and tell their loved ones. Katherine decides to throw them a wedding in France. Nikki visits with Jack at the hospital while Victor told Genevieve that she wouldn’t be able to run a business. Later, Genevieve tried to hire Neil to run Beauty of Nature (we still miss Brash & Sassy). Ashley fired Genevieve from Jabot while Traci packed up her stuff from Abbott mansion.

Chelsea found out that she was having a boy. Later, her mother, Anita (Anita (Daisy Duke aka Catherine Bach), arrived and tried to play all nice and innocent, but Billy and Victoria were on to them. They decide to let Anita stay with Chelsea in the garage apartment to keep a close eye on them.

Nikki finds out that the charges against her are dropped. Fan you hear is a sigh of relief from fans everywhere that this Diana Jenkins murder storyline has finally run its course. Nikki later moves back to the Newman ranch, where she belongs.

When Phyllis turned down Ricky’s story about his crazy aunt Patty, he posts it elsewhere and it becomes viral. Paul confronted his son about the story and Ricky lashed out at his father for wanting to protect his sister but abandoning the mother of his child, Isabella.

Nina went to see Ronan after Chloe told her that he was leaving town. Ronan had a hard time telling Nina he loved her to her face but he later sent her a package containing the book she wrote about him being taken from her with a note telling her goodbye and that he loves her.

Adam was told that his blindness would be permanent. Victor suggested that Sharon take Adam to Hope’s farm in Kansas.  Jack tells Adam that what’s happened to them is Victor’s fault, not Patty and they should team up later on to make Victor pay. Once in Kansas, Sharon told Adam that it was all Victor’s idea.

In order to stay alive, Kevin is forced to marry Angelina. Chloe finally slaps Kevin. When Kevin thinks he can have the marriage annulled, Angelo tells him that if he breaks his daughter’s heart, Chloe and Delia would pay the price. About two weeks after finding an amnesiac Jeffrey, Jill finally lets him loose on Gloria.

Avery informed Phyllis that their father has fallen ill.

After she finds out that she wasn’t invited to Cane and Lily’s wedding, Genevieve gets airline tickets to Port Charles so she can return to General Hospital as Laura – err France.

Coming Up:  Cane & Lily get remarried, Hope “visits” Adam, Nikki finds evidence against Victor.


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