The Real Housewives of Vancouver Cast Blog: Jody Claman – Round 2


Following each episode, a cast member of The Real Housewives of Vancouver will blog about their experience on the show for For the sixth episode, Jody Claman returns to dish on the feud between Mary and Ronnie and her own feelings towards Mary.

Some of the ladies call me a bully and I do not blame them. You see, they have spent very little time in a true business environment. Have they had the opportunity to work, they would know that my businesslike approach is common amongst people with my type of background. I want to be very clear, I do not care if they think my opinion is valid or not, nor do I care if they change as a result of what I tell them my opinion is. I therefore feel their use of the word “bullying” is out of context.

I think that I am very honest and many people have a problem contending with that. I cannot alter who I am. I strongly believe that though my words might be painful in the short term, they are a true reflection of my opinion and might serve some purpose in the long term. In business, I learned that honesty is the best policy. I do not see why it should be any different in real life.

Regarding the feud between Mary and Ronnie, Mary is in the wrong. She takes pot shots at Ronnie from behind a text or some other shield, and then plays a victim after she’s confronted with it. Ronnie is reacting in real time to her hurt and anger – it comes across looking aggressive. Also, Mary is clever with how she handles Ronnie. In particular, Mary knows (after supposedly 17 years of friendship with Ronnie) where her Achilles heel is: alcohol. 

What’s the real reason for the fight between Mary and Ronnie? Who knows! As a bystander, I can only judge based on the scene, not the 17-year relationship.

If I ever find myself in the position where Mary was at the hotel event and she’s left alone, I would expect that my REAL friends stay with me. But as far as these ladies go, I do not consider any of them as friends. They are just acquaintances who I had the opportunity to know better as a result of this show. They are very different to me in terms of backgrounds, interests and morals. If I am to be friendly with any of them, I would have to compromise myself and who I am and as you know by now, I am not that sort of a person. So I do not think it is realistic to think that any of them should support me. This is the perfect example where I would honestly say that I prefer to be left alone. I am a big girl and I can take care of myself.

As for my own experience with Mary, the first time I met her was in Whistler. This was where she told me that she was sleeping with her ex-boyfriend (who has a new girlfriend by now) and that she has no problem with it. That alone speaks volume of her. The Jewish comment is the tip of the iceberg as far as what I hear comes out of Mary’s mouth behind my back. In that scene, Mary’s true nature and manners have been fully exposed. To imply that I lie about being Jewish – it doesn’t get lower than that. What was even more shocking is that she did not even own it! She was trying to imply that she was not the source of these rumours when I know for a fact that she was.

What I do like about Ronnie is her honesty. She is the only girl out there who is straightforward about what she thinks and she says it to one’s face (though it might not be justified or pleasant!). Also, I like the way she is with her kids and her commitment to charity.

To me, Mary is a troublemaker and I don’t appreciate that. If you have something to say, say it to my face. And most importantly, keep it professional. Do not go after my heritage or my kids.

The Real Housewives of Vancouver airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Slice.

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  1. Jody… Let’s try a different angle here…. We are all entitled to our opinions… And let’s, just for a moment.. Assume everything you are saying about Mary is true.. Why do you care??? How does any of Mary’s personal choices impact you? Who are you in your apparent “infinite wisdom” to pass judgement and further who are you to provide an unwanted or unasked for opinion.
    I recall you speaking of how your past has made you who you are today but from all you say in your blogs… That rule only seems to apply to you…

    We are all the “sum total of our life’s experiences”… As we develop insight into certain things we do… We make individual choice to make change or not… Now, I would bet any money in this world that your rebuttle to the above statement would be that this was why you said the things you did to Mary… To point out her mistakes. Etc… Because yes of course… You are blunt!

    Well “my dear”…. Here’s a quick analysis for you from one blunt person to another….

    You take no responsibility for any of your behaviour/actions… You place full blame on others instead of looking at how YOUR OWN actions contribute to any given conflict.

    Entertain me for a moment… Ever seen an injured or cornered animal? Ever seen their responded when the rest of the pack comes at them? What do they do? Their response, just as in any species is instinctual… it’s called self preservation… They may attack, defend, or become submissive.

    Can you even begin to imagine how boring this world would be if we were all the same???? As you continue to post, I become increasingly saddened for you… You must see the comments… All the same… All screaming at you in an attempt to recognize your behaviour. Yet nothing…

    Jody… Look at your blogs… They are all the same… You put forth nothing new… Nothing you haven’t already said…

    You know…you are a very Pretty woman on the outside but your internal beauty is non existent. I saw a tiny glimpse when you drove at Mission Raceway… I saw innocence, genuine happiness… Many others said I was crazy… I don’t think I was…

  2. There is a difference in being honest and being just plain rude and you Jody are RUDE! You think that only you are right and won’t listen to anyone elses opinions. The way you treated Mary and Christina was bullying. You were extremely rude and just plane nasty. I don’t understand how anyone would want to be around you much less do business with you.

  3. Jody,
    You and your daughter are a disgrace to Canadian television and the representation of any successful Canadian woman. You are extremely jealous obviously of Mary because you are do concerned with her every move that’s all you talk about. You are delusional and make up things that were never said nor did they happen and you create such annoying drama for everyone. Viewers can’t stand you!
    Please do the show a favour, LEAVE, and while your at it, you and your look alike crooked nosed daughter need a nose job and personality adjustment! Your both horrendous!!!!!

  4. Jody: What a train wreck you are – from the clothes, hair (God awful), voice, daughter and rudeness, you are a poster child of what not to do. You put words in people’s mouths to make them look bad – lie on national TV about what you say (toilet comment); you are as fake as your lashes. If you were such a “smart business woman” you would think you would want to protect the integrity of your business. You truly are the rude and obnoxious person I heard you were. I hope Season One is the last we see of you and that horrendous daughter of yours.

  5. I was absolutely shockey by Jody thinking she could serve Mary with papers for supposedly saying harmful things about her ’empire’. What garbage!! If Jody has such a wonderful business and is so respected, her reputation would prevail and an off handed comment would not send her scrambling like the scared rat she is to a lawyer for a retraction of statements she has pulled from thin air and blew way out of proportion. In classic hypocritical Jody style, she had done way way worse by suggesting Reikos cars were stolen, on national TV! With a little of a sorted past for Reikos hubby, stupid people would feed into that statement. Reiko seems like a dedicated hard working woman, and for jody is so greasy for saying such insensitive things to a lovely woman!! Reiko should be serving Jody for that! But has way more class then to stoop so low, and let’s get real,canadians don’t sue, that’s just rude and stupid, more of an american way to deal with things, all the more reason for Jody to leave th show and stop making canadian women look awful.

  6. Native Vancouverite on

    Native Vancouverite says:
    May 26, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    It was never my intention to give Real Housewives of Vancouver a plug! Unfortunately, I couldn’t resist the impulse to blog.

    I also understand how the entertainment business works…where there’s DRAMA, people will follow. Slice’s producers are well versed in that aspect! It’s all about ratings and capturing a prospective audience.

    But the bizarro antics of the cast, is giving our fair city of Vancouver, a PUTRID REPUTATION. Real housewives do not behave in such an absurd and ostentatious manner. At least not in my neck of the city, unless they’re desperate attention seekers. Notice that their husbands are conspicuously absent from the picture.

    All the bitchiness, cattiness, evilness, obnoxiousness, outlandishness, pretentiousness, ugliness, vainglorious, vindictiveness, wackiness, and petty jealousies, are not good traits to possess.

    With all these women’s bank accounts, we should surmise that their business endeavors would be flowing flawlessly, not so. Money does not equal brains or business savvy. You can add gullibility and naiveness in the business sense to the list.

    In regards to the cast…

    Christina appears to be doing the show for entertainment value and guilty pleasure. She comes across as the more sane of the women and plays the part of a semi-likeable gold digger. She actually looks like she would be fun to hang around, kind of a stand up gal. But I don’t do Botox.

    Jody, aka “The Rottweiller” needs to muzzle herself and her yappie wing-nut daughter. They’re giving Jewish women appallingly negative publicity.

    If she cannot handle concrete criticism or individuals critiquing her West Vancouver boutique, she literally has no business owning one. Cruella de Van – it’s called feedback and restaurants get it all the time. Some good, some bad, get used to it! The suing Mary incident may cost her some clientele in the long run. Extremely tacky way of gaining PR for her business, even if it is negative ballyhoo.

    Jody has zero fashion sense, so how can you take the pathetic dear seriously. A 50-year-old woman hiding behind her rudiculous hair extensions and saucer sized sunglasses. Need I say more. Her eccentric and outré outfits are not fashion statements but style gone terribly wrong.

    In reference to your comment wanting “to get Mary in a cubicle and stick her head in the toilet,” you cannot lie on camera without getting caught. I’m surprised she hasn’t had someone dunk her mop top in the potty. Ronnie, the only cast member with actual balls, could add that one to her bucket list.

    Mary was bang-on: Jody’s clothing inventory does look like second-hand rags. Appropriate attire for scaring people on Halloween. Seriously, who really cares if she sells fake second-hand duds.

    On the bright side she does charitable work in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, her only redeemable quality.

    Mary seems to be the victimized woman and running with a sadistic crowd. She needs to get out before its too late and they eat her alive. She should seriously think about finding a new group of girlfriends, that aren’t certifiable.

    I commend her for raising awareness for tuberous sclerosis, her son suffers from the disease. Must be difficult.

    Dump the negative karma, those offensive social misfits, masquerading as real friends. Christina and Mary should start their own campaign: “Stop Inhumane Cruelty/Treatment to the Underdog Housewives of Vancouver.”

    Reiko, with her stable full of fancy cars could feed a large portion of starving people in Africa.

    Jay Leno has a more extensive collection of automobiles that leaves yours in the dust. I don’t see him bragging. Over the top bragging rights can be viewed as a vulgar slant on being rich.

    It’s branded all over the internet, she’s married to a notorious gangster and drug money bank rolled her lavish lifestyle.

    This city we live in is extremely beautiful and suppose to be a safe haven for families to live. People don’t want to hear her ill gotten means are funded through drug money or other sources.

    Obviously, the Slice network didn’t do their research/homework properly in the screening process or turned a blind eye. Yes, 20 years has transpired but skeletons come out of the closet when you’re in the public eye, big time.

    Ronnie, although she may have some admirable friendship qualities, is work in progress. She could benefit from reigning in her in-your-face competitiveness and bullying tatics especially when drinking with friends.

    I think deep down there is probably a good person lurking inside, but I don’t feel she’s done with rehab. I’m not referring to the new label of her wine. I may be interested in partaking in a bottle of Rehab with my real good friends down the road; if it ever comes to fruition.

    I wonder how the copyright lawsuit for Rehab is going? Monster Energy Drinks has the name already. Tip, study Business 101 and review the part on copyright, domains, and trademarks before proceeding with any venture.

    Ronnie clean up or pay for the damn balls being hit into the ocean. You need to take responsibility for your own tennis court. Environmentally polluting is unacceptable and totally uncouth, as one blogger mentioned in her post.

    Wondering if any of these selfish women have given any real thought to the fall out or negative impact of Reality TV on their families or children. Obviously not!

    Reality TV is hit or miss. Viewers either love it or hate it. Time will tell if Slice hit another one out of the ballpark. Then again, there is only so much of this repetitive inconsequential crap you want to be subjected to. Reality TV Housewives programming has been so done to death, maybe it’s time to move on!

    Where the Real Housewives of Vancouver are concerned, it’s painfully hard to watch women flaunting money and being so miserable towards each other.

    With all the grandiose problems in this world…these small minded women need to get their act together! Oh wait, it makes for captivating entertainment to see train-wrecks derail and Slice is all over that!

  7. Jody only makes herself appear insecure and jealous with her behavior. It’s also quite apparent in my opinion that her parenting skills are nil. She plays more the role of girl friend, rather than parent…and it shows in her daughter’s apalling behavior and lack of respect. Jodi…you are an absolutely disgusting, disgraceful excuse for a human being with your bullying and blatant lies. I would NEVER do business with someone like you. FYI…”merchant’s fees” are for the MERCHANT to pay! For such a self-proclaimed successful businesswoman, you are CLUELESS. BTW, I hope PETA gets you for the hideous furs. Get with the times, lady. For working in the fashion industry…you are again, painfully ignorant of fashion.

  8. Jody ur a mental case. Your reaspy voice is makes u sound like u are a change smoker Bahaha wait till the day u are judge! What comes around goes around !!!!!

  9. Jody, I was so shocked at your behavior. You are so mean and so rude,even my 11 yr. old daughter thinks something’s terribly wrong w/ you. It’s such a shame how you & your equally evil daughter Mia thinks you can belittle people & walk away w/ it. Have you ever heard of Karma?l hope you get what you deserve. You & Mia are like the evil witches that didn’t get invited to the ball that’s why you’re so bitter,jealous & insecure….’wonder what happened to you in the past that made you such an evil witch???
    and what’s up w/ being Jewish? Does it make you better than the rest? Jewish people should deny you bec. you’re giving them a bad reputation.
    It’s obvious why you don’t mistreat Ronnie…bec. she is rich…..and why are you somewhat holding back w/ your fight w/ Reiko?bec. she is rich too. You shd. give Reiko the same humiliation you extend to Mary to be fair…or ma

  10. If I were Jody after the show aired I would wear a paper bag on my head! I’m all for “owning” what I do but her drunken behavior is beyond. Her approach to her personal life is clearly not business like….she gets drunk and picks on people with her daughter. Oh and Jody should have gotten a matching nose job! God knows they both need them!

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