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Gossip Girl Live-cap: Our thoughts on the final season

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It's true.The end of days is upon us: those loveable schemers from the Upper
East Side have just a few short episodes to hook-up, break-up and make-up as The
CW's Gossip Girl enters its final season. Will we find out who the
notorious gossip blogger really is? Will Chuck and Blair finally end up happily
ever after? Will Serena ever wear a turtleneck? (No.) Will Nate get a clue?
(Unlikely.) And can Dan's hair become any more ridiculous? (Signs point to

As you can see there are many questions that need answering and
only a few more episodes to go. MSN Entertainment editors Joan and Jeevan are
here to comment, critique wardrobe, discuss every nuance, and occasionally recap
the final episodes right here for your entertainment. Follow along live each
week at 9 p.m., ET, or stop by later on to read up on their thoughts from the
pivotal hour of TV:



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