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Anick Gervais, the 28-year-old Reiki Master from Hanmer, Ontario, was the first houseguest to be evicted from the second season of Big Brother Canada last night. Anick took a moment to chat about her blindsiding eviction, the “Mean Girls” clique inside the Big Brother Canada house and how she intends on spreading the Love Revolution.

How are you doing this morning?
Good. I’m as good as can be. [Laughs]

You had fans rooting for you. They needed some positive energy inside that house.
You would think?! The house was threatened by that.

Explain the negativity that you felt inside the house.
At the beginning, it was very positive. It was a great experience and everyone was on that [positive]energy note. And then, eventually around day 4 or 5, you started seeing the cliques forming and different personalities come out.

I saw a lot of people who were threated by me. Ika [who went up against Anick after Andrew saved himself with the Veto]could have been a pawn this whole time!

Everyone kind of knew I was going home so they didn’t really want to connect with me because they knew if they connected with me, then, they’d like me. There was definitely negativity in the house. I felt like I was in high school all over again with some of the girls. I was kind of excluded.

We didn’t really get to see what really went on in the house because that entire week that you spent in there was condensed into probably an episode and a half. But the audience did see a group of three girls sitting down together following your eviction. Would you consider them the “Mean Girls” clique?
Yes, let’s call them the Mean Girls! Ika, definitely! Heather and Neda are [also]definitely mean. Sabrina, I feel she’s easily influenced and wants to be liked by everyone. She’d probably give her point of view even though she did like me but she’ll say mean things. Those three girls are definitely mean. I didn’t think Neda was that mean until I saw the message she left for me. That was not cool. I would never say something so negative [like that]because we know how stressful this whole experience has been and we know that we have all created a bond and this is the last message that you want to tell me and Canada? Canada is always watching. It’s just sad that some people think that’s a good thing to do.

You mentioned that bullying was your pet peeve. Did you feel bullied?
There’s a type of bullying which is relational and social – where you’re excluded from a gang. That definitely happened in the house. So yeah, you could say that there was a form of bullying.

You were so surprised by the eviction.
I seriously didn’t think I was going home. I wasn’t even going to pack my stuff! I had all the guys’ votes! I had Andrew, Kenny, Kyle, Adel, Jon and Arlie. Six guys and Sarah. I wasn’t even going to go up to the [rest of the]girls because I knew they weren’t fans of mine.

I had all those guys look at me straight in the eye and say, “You know Anick, we want positivity. This is a really stressful environment and you’re making us feel so good. Yeah, you came off strong in the beginning but you were just feed off of everyone’s energy.” But I thought I had all their votes and then…shit, it was 11-0. When one person changes their mind, people just go with the house. I know I would have had votes, but it’s their game. It’s their strategy. So, I can’t hate or be upset with them.

big brother canada anick

Do you think it’s the girls who are pulling the strings in the house? Are the guys whipped?
No – it’s the guys. I think the fact that Andrew couldn’t get in my pants is probably one of the reasons why I’m going home because he knew that he didn’t have a chance with me. I made that quite clear. He’s an egotistical man. I put him in his place a few times.

I think he was one of the guys that pulled the strings along with Paul.

Andrew came on to you?
Oh yeah, at the beginning. Very, very, strongly. I could feel his energy and it was very uncomfortable.

We didn’t really get to see that much of a speech from Paul after he put up his nominations. What did he say to you guys?
He told me that he put me up because that’s what the house wanted. The house said that I was the first one off the ice blocks. It was just easier that way. So, the first girl off the block and the first guy off the block. That’s what they said – but Paul did tell me that I was the most threatening one in the house against his game because I work with energy. I guess he thought I was psychic. When you work with energy, you’re not necessarily a psychic. I’m just a chancel for my energy! I don’t actually see auras or things like that. So, he was a little threatened by that. His gameplay was to get me out of the house as soon as possible.

And no one else wanted the “Love Revolution.”
[Laughs] No one wanted the Love Revolution!

Are you rooting for anyone?
I haven’t seen the show, so I haven’t seen any of the backstabbing that has happened.

I really connected with Kenny. I felt like he was a brother of mine. I know he has had a lot of struggles in life and he’s a great person. I would like to see him win. Or Jon – he’s a wonderful guy. I know that Adel is not going to win, but I absolutely love Adel. He was one of my favourite guys in the house.

It would probably be those three. I would not vote for any of the girls. I don’t want them winning. They are typical women. So evil. I’m all about being the change.

You always see it on reality TV. The women are always against each other.
I know! Even in the [real]world. Women are always against each other. I want to live in a world where women embrace and empower each other.

If I’m jealous of a girl, I want to be her best friend because if you’re jealous of someone, you’re never going to be that person. You have to love them because that’s how you’re going to be that person.

How are you going to spread the Love Revolution?
I love social media. I’m on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. My name is “Anickdotes” [on Instagram]. Get your daily Anickdote on! I’m all about positivity and inspiring. I just like spreading love because what you give is what you get.

It didn’t really help me in the game, but that’s a completely different reality! So, I hope Canada keeps loving me. I hope that I have the opportunity to do workshops with the young and women. Keep loving as many people as possible.

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