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Letterman’s replacement, Bitten & Shameless season finales and more

who will replace letterman

who will replace letterman

[Spoilers if you haven’t seen the season finales of Bitten and Shameless.]

Who will take over the Late Show?
Chelsea Handler, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver are all front-runners in replacing David Letterman. [Vulture, Vulture & Uproxx]

Personally, the only person who would make me consider changing from NBC to CBS at 11:35 p.m. every now and then would be Handler.

By the way, The Simpsons paid tribute to David Letterman last night by taking their couch gag to the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Bitten season two
Greyson Holt, who plays Clay on Bitten, would like do some flashbacks next season. “ [Maybe see] Jeremy coming down to the south and finding me when I was this feral child… We need to see that part of Clay’s story. The whole domestication of Clay by Jeremy.  Think that fans would like to see that. Especially for people who haven’t read the books, they don’t necessarily know the backstory. I think it’d be great to see that on screen.”

By the way, I can’t shake that last scene from the season finale out my head. [Blastr]

bitten spacebitten space

Shameless twist
John Wells gave an interview where he spoke Justin Chatwin’s surprise return in last night’s Shameless season finale. Chatwin’s character (previously known as Jimmy, Steve and now Jack) appeared in a car with Dollhouse and Being Human’s Dichen Lachman. Wells said that none of the other cast members knew about the return and that Chatwin even stayed in a different hotel when they filmed that scene on location in Chicago.

Wells also addressed the show’s decision to categorize itself as a comedy instead of drama at the next Primetime Emmy’s: “The dramatic category has become full of very serious dramatic programming. There really should be some kind of a middle category of realistic ways in which we live our lives that aren’t flat-out half-hour comedies [and also] that aren’t very serious dramas. Generally, we’re better off and more perceived to be a comedy than we are a drama. But the best comedies always have dramatic elements. Just look at Nurse Jackie over the last couple of years.

You know, I always considered Nurse Jackie as a drama. Always. [TV Line]



— There will be a big screen Battlestar Galactica movie, but there’s a twist. [TV Line]

— A&E has renewed Bates Motel for a third season. [TV Line]

— Lifetime Canada has picked up True Tori, which looks at Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s speculated marital woes.

Conan has booked residency in San Diego during NEXT YEAR’s Comic-Con, from July 8-12. [The Hollywood Reporter]

— Alicia Leigh Willis (ex-Courtney, General Hospital; ex-Allie, Another World) will have a three-day stint on Days of our Lives. [Soap Opera Digest]

— Those who saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier over the weekend and obviously have questions on the film’s ending means for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it looks like Samuel L. Jackson will appear on the show’s season finale to help clear things up.  [Vulture]

— Amy Jo Johnson, who will forever in our heats be known as the Pink Ranger, will join the cast of Covert Affairs. [The Hollywood Reporter]

pink ranger


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