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Is Billy Miller joining General Hospital?

billy miller general hospital

billy miller general hospital

Update 9/2 — It’s true: Billy Miller joins GH! Full scoop here.

Could former The Young and the Restless star Billy Miller be on his way to rival soap General Hospital?

After months of rumours, Michael Logan of TV Guide tweeted that the actor joining the ABC soap was a done deal, fuelling Internet speculation on who he’d play: Jason Morgan/Quartermaine (who was previously played by current Y&R actor Steve Burton), a fourth recast Lucky Spencer (previously played by Jonathan Jackson, Jacob Young and Greg Vaughan) or Dillon Quartermaine (previously played by Scott Clifton).

Miller first appeared on All My Children in 2007 as Richie Novak before stepping into the role of Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless the following year. Producers and the actor were no able to work out a new contract which would allow Miller “outs” to work on other projects (the actor had guest starred on shows like Justified, Ringer and Castle throughout his Y&R run) and taped his final episodes towards the end of 2013 and last aired in early 2014. The role of Billy Abbott was then recast with David Tom (who originally played the role from 1999 until 2002). It was recently revealed that Miller was in talks to reprise his role last month but a deal could not be reached and Y&R would once again recast the role with soap newcomer Burgess Jenkins.

If confirmed, Miller’s GH gig will reunite him with his former Y&R co-star Michelle Stafford (ex-Phyllis) who recently joined the show as Nina Clay.

So, General Hospital fans, who would you like to see Billy Miller play on the show? Who should he be paired with? Sound off in the comments below.

billy miller general hospital



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