Defiance recap: Not Without My Daughter


defiance season 2 premiere

While all the major players got some spotlight during Defiance‘s season two premiere, it was two characters story arcs that had me interested: Nolan and the Tarr family.

At the end of last season’s finale, we saw that Nolan’s life was restored as Irisa sacrificed herself to save himself. Now that he’s fully healed, he only has one thing on his mind: searching for his daughter. To be honest a part of me thought this plot point would take up a few episodes before father and daughter were reunited. But we were given a quick reunion less than 30 minutes into the episode. I’m assuming that with this happening so quickly into the season, this could only mean that there’s nothing but trouble awaiting them on their way back to Defiance.

It seems that Irisa’s visions are becoming much more emphasized and she has a thirst for blood. Will Nolan become more accepting of his daughter’s newfound behaviour or is this nature taking its course.

I’m actually kind of bummed that we didn’t get at least a couple of episodes of Nolan searching for Irisa. Seeing that dystopian Los Angeles gave the show so much more scope and made me realize that there’s so much more to this new world than Defiance. It would also give the city of Defiance much more context by having another city to compare it too.

Here’s to hoping we get more of New Los Angeles.

As for the the Datak family, there’s been a massive power shift. With Datak in prison for the next ten years, Alak has packed up his vinyl records and taken up residency as the man in charge. But we all know that Alak doesn’t have the stones to make the harsh choices that need to made. One of his employees didn’t come through with his shipment and Alak let it slide. Dude, we all know that when you’re atop a criminal organization, you can’t show any leniency. You gotta keep your pimp stone man!!!

But then again, there’s Stahma. We all know that Stahma was real leader of the Tarr family and with Datak locked up with no foreseeable opportunity to get out of his circumstance, Stahma was slowly asserting herself of the true puppet master. She knows that her son doesn’t have what it takes to rule with an iron fist. So she took over the reigns and told Alak that she will line his pockets with money, but make no mistake, she was the one calling all the shots and there was nothing he could do about it.

Bend the knee Alak and admit defeat. Your mother scares me and she should scare you too.


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