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Pretty Little Liars Recap: A Ripple in the Pond

pretty little liars whirly girlie

pretty little liars whirly girlie

When you throw a rock into a puddle, it makes a pretty ripple effect. You hurl a lie into the Rosewood Police Station, you’ve essentially screwed the fates of your best friends. And that’s what Alison did during her long-awaited return to Rosewood. The girls made a pact on the bus that Alison would tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


For four seasons, Alison has NEVER been completely straight with anyone. Now that she’s officially risen from the grave, that doesn’t mean she necessarily going to turn a new leaf. She’s gonna be same ol’ Ally. While it was revealed that a nefarious text message was the catalyst for Alison to begin spinning her webs of lies, she failed to realize that while her intentions were pure (I guess), there was going to be massive ramifications for her knee-jerk reaction.

Let’s start with Aria “The Annihilator” Montgomery. She’s killed more people than Andy Dufresne and was slowly coming unhinged. Just when you thought her post breakup with Fitz was a bender, welcome to Aria 2.0: The New World Order. She was hearing violins everywhere, reminding her that she offed Shauna. The pressure was too much for her to take that the girls made an executive decision not to tell her about the text Alison received. Well not everyone, blabber mouth Hannah spilled the beans and paranoid Aria went into overdrive. But can you blame her? I’m pretty sure killing someone with the butt of a shotgun wasn’t on Aria’s bucket list next to smooching a high school English teacher. As for Emily, she was drinking the Alison Kool-aid hard. Girl was guzzling it.

When Spencer brought up the notion that Alison’s lie was convenient for her and not the rest of them, Emily was quick to squash that notion. Spencer pointed out to the girls that Alison roped them into this lie and if any information were to come to light, they would be screwed in the long run. Aria’s self defence claim for killing Shauna went out the window (and making the girls accessories for said murder), the girls would look like liars… yet again and who would believe them after they’ve cried wolf for the umpteenth time? I honestly didn’t see the harm of Alison telling Holbrook the truth. I highly doubt that he’s evil because let’s face it, having two hot cops with evil intentions is just sloppy storytelling. Nothing would happen to Aria. Sure she would be arrested for murder, but eventually the charges would be dropped because it truly was self defence.

Another person effected by this lie: Jason. His father was already out to get him and with the girls all hungry to out Jason as the man who attempted to kill his sister that night, no wonder he’s always so shady when he’s around them. His guard always has to be up and he was hiding the whereabouts of his mother because he knew the girls were after her too. I thought Alison’s return would be in her mother’s best interest? After being tossed around as a red herring for the back half of last season, it was eerily suspicious that she wasn’t there to greet her daughter. But there was a reason for that: Mrs. DiLaurentis was dead. Yup. Two episodes into the brand new season and were already two characters down. Looks like during the hiatus, I. Marlene King went to George R. R. Martin’s weekend seminar on how to create WTF moments by killing off characters. She must’ve taken great notes because the first two episodes of the season have ended with the police carting of the lifeless body of a character that the girls suspected of foul play.

Side note: I suspect that other people the girls suspected will find themselves taking up residency in a body bag. The girls were convinced that A was gone, but something tells me that they haven’t even thought of the possibility of there being a B to Z. There’s absolutely no way these girls thought that A was a one-man wrecking crew and something tells me that Shauna’s death “awakened the next slayer”, so to speak, and the mission to make their lives a living hell will continue.

Case in point: the death of Mrs. DiLaurentis. Who killed her? Why did they kill her? Was it because of Alison? Did Mrs. DiLaurentis really know what happened to Alison that night and with Alison back, was Mrs. DiLaurentis killed to keep that secret hidden? But that wasn’t the last of Alison’s troubles. Mona was determined to take Alison down once and for all and fired the first warning shot by sending Alison that text and then sinking a destroyer when she approached Alison at her tomb and let her know she was coming for her. And for the second week in a row, Hannah had the line of the night:

“You follow him! I have to change my underwear!”

Seriously, some cast that girl in a comedy. Her timing is legit.


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