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Pretty Little Liars Recap: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? No one!

pretty little liars the silence of e lamb recap

pretty little liars the silence of e lamb recap

Emily’s mother invited all the girls to her house for dinner and in classic PLL fashion, some of the girls (Aria, Spencer) were MIA and Hanna was making all sorts of excuses to get out of it. You can’t be too surprised, these girls can’t really keep an appointment.

While Alison firmly had her hooks into Emily, it looked like Hanna was looking to jump ship and swim to shore. She was sick of being a pawn in Alison’s life and having to do everything Alison said. After Caleb all but told Alison that he didn’t believe a word she said, Hanna was confronted by Alison who told her that she needed to get rid of Caleb because you can’t think clearly/keep your lies intact when you’re kissing someone. She also inferred that Caleb couldn’t be trusted and he could easily drop the dime on Alison. I feel like this is all apart of Alison’s master plan to bring all the girls into the fold.

But seeing that Hanna isn’t falling in line so easily, I think telling her to break things off with Caleb was a ploy for Hanna to go off the deep end, with the girls closing rank around Alison, leaving Hanna out in the cold. However, this chess move may work in Team Mona’s favour. From the season premiere, they’ve been looking for a way to peel one of the girls away from Alison and have her turn against the group. I believe Melissa was tasked to turn Spencer and Mona was tasked to reel in Paige in the hopes to reel in Emily. With both of those avenues closing in on themselves, cue Sydney.

Sydney was to infiltrate the swim team and turn Emily and possibly Paige. But with Emily firmly waving her Team Alison hand, Sydney’s “chance encounter” with Hanna at the coffee ship might be the opening they needed. Looks like Alison was right, loose lips does sink ships, but it wasn’t Caleb who was doing all the talking. While sobering up, Hanna may have let it slip that what they said happened in New York may not be what really happened. While Hanna didn’t really give Sydney too many details, she cracked the door open and the truth was starting to spill through.

In the end, the girls met up at Spencer’s house to discuss Alison’s night moves, but they were stopped when they received a text from A… well not all of them. For the first time, one of the girls was left out of the group text… because it as about her. The girls were alerted by A that Hannah may have spilled the beans about New York. See kids, this is what happens when you try to drink Vodka like it’s water.

Questions from last night’s episode:

Who is Sydney? No seriously, who is she? We discovered that she was in league with Jenna and Mona, but what would she have to gain in getting Alison out of town?

Why is Melissa so obsessed with the garage? She claimed that she was cleaning it out for their father to sell the house, but she was making frequent trips there during the night. With Two dead bodies showing up just a few feet from that garage, could there be a link between those two deaths and that garage?

Where was Alison going? It’s got to be past 10PM (ON A SCHOOL NIGHT!!!) and she’s decked out in all black heading somewhere and looking behind her to see if anyone sees her. For someone who is convinced she’s in danger, why is she always skulking around Rosewood by herself… at night?!?!

Where’s Travis? Dude, when you see that your girl’s ex/first love stroll back into the town, you gotta make sure you’re around at all times to reaffirm your relationship.

Is Eddie Lamb good or bad? He seemed like he was trying to help Ezra, but with Aria sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, it looks like Fitz just lost his one and only confidential informant.



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