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Pretty Little Liars Recap: A Dark Ali

pretty little liars recap a dark ali

pretty little liars recap a dark ali
Cyrus Petrillo. The man who admitted to kidnapping Alison two years ago. A had Alison trapped within her own lie. How does it feel to get a little taste of your own medicine Alison? This confession was a lose-lose situation for Alison. Sure, she could go along with the lie, but if the police figured out that Cyrus was innocent, it would blow Alison’s original lie out of the water and make Det. Tanner looked even closer at the girls. And if she said he was innocent, she would be admitting that she lied about her abduction.

Spencer went to her super secret hiding place, only to find the recording of Alison gone. After looking through her footage, she found Melissa giving something to some random guy, saying “Do it. Dot it now!” Could this guy been Cyrus? It didn’t matter because this was enough ammunition for Spencer to think that confessing to Tanner was their only move. It was better for them to hand over the photos to Tanner and confess to EVERYTHING (including Shauna) and get out in front of the lie before A runs over them with that lie like a Mack truck.

Wait… Alison knows Cyrus?!?!? Apparently she was living with him in an abandoned basement and he was the one that gave her that scar on her leg. She thought he was her friend, but all he wanted was her stuff and her money. Emily tried to convince her that Alison couldn’t let an innocent man

Someone needs to shake some sense into Emily and burn her Alison goggles. She took the bait that was Alison’s sob story about and convinced Spencer to stop looking into Alison and talk to Melissa. I still can’t believe that everything Alison put Emily through hand all the lies that she’s told since she came back, that Emily was STILL defending her.

“If someone else tells me what to do, I’m going to scream.” Bitch please. That’s all you’ve been doing since you got back. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You’re friends are trying to help you and themselves get out of the situation YOU put them in. How bout you think of them instead of yourself and do the right thing?

Why isn’t Mona apart the Scooby gang? Her computer and sleuthing skills are far superior than the girls. She and the girls had the same idea of following Cyrus and see where he goes.

Meanwhile, Tanner took Alison to the place where Cyrus said he abducted her and it was place that she was hiding out and where Cyrus took her stuff and cut her. In true Alison fashion, she went rogue without consulting the girls and admitted to Cyrus abducting her. Classic Alison.

With Alison taking matters into her own hands, yet again, Emily confronted Alison and told her that she as finally done with her. Emily lashed out at her, telling Alison that it wasn’t just her who had their life turned upside down by A. They were supposed to be in this thing together and Alison fingering Cyrus was the last straw and she would officially be off Team Alison.

Now that her eyes are finally open, Emily agreed with Spencer. They had to cut ties with Alison before she took them down for good. So was confessing to Tanner the first thing on their agenda?

As for Cyrus, he managed to escape police custody and was on the run for kidnapping Alison. But he had help… in the form of Alison!!! She was the one who found him. She was the one that got him to confess to kidnapping her. But why? What was her end game? See people!!! Alison DiLaurentis cannot be trusted!!!


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