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Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Recap – Taking This One to the Grave

pretty little liars taking this one to the grave recap

pretty little liars taking this one to the grave recap

After Melissa’ MASSIVE secret was revealed during last week’s episode, what could the writers of Pretty Little Liars have in store for its fans.

Fans have know for a week that someone would not be making it to the show’s first ever Christmas episode. When you’ve been promoting the hashtag #FatalFinale, but who would be Rosewood’s latest victim?


That’s right. Mona Vanderwaal was brutally murdered at the end of last night’s summer finale. After the character was finally making strides on bringing Alison down, all her past deeds caught up to her. While it sucked that Mona had to bight the big one, it was nice to see that the girls finally joined Team Mona in the quest to take down Alison once and for all.

It all started when they joined forces and discovered that Alison went to the police and took a lie detector test. It wasn’t Alison’s answers that were telling, it the the cops’ line of questioning… which focused on Spencer. Why would the police all of a sudden hit the breaks on trying to tear Alison’s story to shreds and shift their gaze onto Spencer? That was the question on Mona’s mind and with the help for the liars (and Caleb), they broke into Radley to find out what was the connection between Alison and Mona.

Spencer and Mona were able to take files and tapes and Mona discovered that Alison discovered that her mother was having an affair with Bethany Young’s father and that Alison lured Bethany to Rosewood to seek revenge. Mona had the evidence to prove it. Too bad Black Hoodie was one step ahead.

With Mona’s dead and the evidence lost, what are the liars next move?

Plus Alison at the crime scene?!?!? Sociopath much?


Meanwhile, Spencer found herself locked up. Holbrook and the Rosewood PD had enough evidence to get a warrant for Spencer’s arrest. They knew that she was on drugs at the time of Alison’s “murder”. They knew about her state of mind. But how? Why all of a sudden a shift in the investigation?

So where does this leave our liars?

They know that Spencer definitely didn’t kill Bethany Young. They know that Melissa was the one that killed Bethany by burying her alive, but they can’t really bring Melissa’s confession to the police without making matters worse.

Now that Aria knows that there is a connection between Alison and Bethany, how do they intend on putting the pieces together now that Paige had informed them Alison has been amassing an army that could her eyes and ears? And with Holbrook breathing down their backs, there’s no way they’ll be able to slip around town searching for clues without it getting back to Alison.

I really don’t want to have to wait until December to get any sort of answers!!!


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