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JFL42: Nick Offerman

nick offerman jfl42

nick offerman jfl42

Saturday, September 30, 2014

Venue: Sony Centre

The vibe: Chill. Parks & Rec fans. Woodworking aficionados (assuming). Bro’s attempting to grow Ron Swanson-esq ‘staches.

Previously on: NBC and City’s Parks & Recreation, We’re The Millers and Megan Mullaly.

O Canada: Despite what Ron Swanson has said about Canada on the show, Offerman reassures us that his character would actually love Canada.

How was it? Amazing. How else would it be? He’s Ron ‘effin Swanson.

Offerman brought his solo show, Full Bush, to Toronto. Wait – is the “bush” what I think it is? Yes, yes it is: The former President of the United States, that thing outdoors and of course, that area on the human body (which according to Offerman, you should NEVER EVER trim/cut/wax/shave – guy or girl).

Offerman sang (guitar and ukulele) and joked about life, love (it was actually his and Megan’s 11th wedding anniversary) and wood. Great Canadian connections (Lee Valley, Mississauga and Peterborough being name dropped).

There was a special treat for Parks & Rec fans as Offerman ended the night by singing Bye Bye Lil Sebastian.

On September 20, 2014, Nick Offerman taught me what it was about to be a man: always have a handkerchief and to make sure I work with my hands (doesn’t have to be with wood, but as along as I create something).

Relatability score: Zero, dude. One can never dream of being as godlike as Nick Offerman / Ron Swanson.


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