Survivor Recap: Damage Control


survivor recap blood is blood

A tribe swap took place and talk about an uneven swap.

The new Coyopa found three loved ones (Dale & Kelly, Missy & Baylor, Jon & Jaclyn) and Keith on a tribe, while the new Hunapu had only one couple (Josh and Reed). Now this is the blood vs. water I was talking about. While we are not at the point in the game where a loved one would be voted out by a loved one (I doubt it will happen), we will finally get to see loved ones actually play one another and, in the case of the new Coyopa, vote out someone and have to go back to camp with their loved one.

Coyopa can’t seem to catch a break. Sure the tribes swapped but the tribe is cursed and their losing streak continued when they were completely decimated by Hunapu. As Jeff pointed out, how could a tribe made mostly of loved ones suck at communication.

When it was time to scramble, Jon & Jaclyn found themselves in power positions as both Dale & Kelly and Missy & Baylor approached them with the idea to vote the other out. Jon & Jaclyn told each they would go with them but in the end, they opted to side with Missy & Baylor to split the votes hoping to force out the idol (that Keith has) and sent Kelly packing. Poor Kelly. She never truly got to play the game because her dad’s poor standing within his tribe (from day 1) rubbed off on her.

However, that wasn’t the most interesting part of the episode.

The ‘B’ storyline was when the new tribes went back to came. When it was time to eat, Josh, Alec and Wes discovered something alarming. After only 11 days, Hunapu was down to 2-3 days worth or rice and beans. They learned that the old Hunapu was eating two hearty helpings of rice a day while they were barely eating one back at Coyopa. Just when they thought they were moving to a winning tribe, they find out their they’ve left a tribe with food to a tribe that has none.

I’m shocked that Reed, a self-proclaimed super fan would allow his tribe to run through that rice so quickly. This is not the first season a tribe ran low on food at an early part of the game. Not eating three square meals a day is an aspect of the game that isn’t new and I’m surprised on how shocked Hunapu was when they discovered they had maybe 2 cups of rice left. Were they just eating and not taking into account how much they had left? Or maybe they just thought they would keep winning food or food related items at reward challenges until the merge and food wasn’t a concern to them. Idiots. Food is always a concern. Whether you’re on Survivor or not.

With no food on the line at the Immunity Challenge, Hunapu knew they had to barter with Jeff (yet again) and after failing to score something from the Probster, they tried again after they won. I honestly thought Jeff was going to ask them if they were willing to give up immunity for rice. But alas, Hunapu got to keep immunity and were told by Jeff he would speak to them the following day.

In the preview for next week’s episode, Jeff parades to camp with a bad rice and tells Hunapu that it’s going to cost them. Something tells me that Jeff is going to ask them to give up all their luxury items for that bag of rice.



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