Survivor Recap: Make Some Magic Happen


survivor recap make some magic happen

With his daughter getting sent home, Dale knew that he was on the bottom of his tribe and he had to make a last ditch effort to improve his standing in his game. He approached Jon and showed him his fake idol. It was a bold move in a game that has been filled with dumb decisions and even more dumb castaways. It was Hail Mary pass that anyone backed into a corner would make.

Meanwhile, Hunapu was dreading their meeting with Probst about trading for rice. This is the third time this tribe was trying to trade with Probst and his asking price was going to be a steep one. Naturally, Jeremy wasn’t about to trade nothing. He just assumed that they could hold out for one more day, win the reward challenge and feast on the prize. Dear Jeremy, what makes you think the next reward is a feast. It could be a luxury item. You can’t eat sheets Jeremy.

This is the first time since Australia that Probst had to replenish food. But they had extenuating circumstances, they didn’t chow through their food in less than two weeks. Probst came to barter and the price was steep. For one bag of rice that will sustain Hunapu (hopefully) for the rest of game, it cost them their tarp, hammock, bed roll, blankets, candles, hatchet, hammer, pot and the extra flint. After the damage was done, Hunapu was left with a machete, pot and a flint.

At the reward challenge, a Survivor BBQ was up for grabs. With the remaining loved ones no longer spread across two tribes, the reward challenge was a battle between any two castaways and Reed and Baylor squared off. The two were blindfolded and had to go through an obstacle course to get puzzles pieces and recreate it blindfolded through memory. Reed won for Hunapu and was going to choose Joy, but Natalie decided that she wanted to go to Exile Island.

Back at Coyopa, Jon shared with his alliance about Dale having the idol and the plan shifted to voting out Keith who actually has the idol. Poor Keith, I knew that someone would regret voting out Kelley last week.

At Exile Island, Baylor and Natalie were stupid enough to think that there were two unfound idols laying around. John Rocker left the game with one and Keith currently has the other one. What would make you think that after 14 days and nearly half the cast going to Exile Island that no one has found it yet?

It was time for the immunity challenge and Hunapu extended their winning streak and came back from behind to beat Coyopa. Poor Jon. He got a little too cocky shouting “Who’s the big Jon now” DURING the challenge. You say that as Jeff’s handing you the immunity idol, not before. Who’s the dumb Jon now?

With Jon, Jaclyn, Missy and Baylor in power, it was between Keith and Dale. Keith was leaning on his fake idol to keep his spot in the game to hopefully make the merge. He even promised Jon that he would give him the idol if he didn’t go home and they voted out Missy. The idol is pretty tempting, but who would honestly give that away just to make it one step further in the game? NO. ONE!

But Dale’s offer made Jon think. Baylor is likely to flip and Missy has ties with people in Hunapu. If the merge was around the corner, she would be in a great position in the game and Jon and Jaclyn could instantly find themselves back on the bottom… again. Jon said that he wanted him and Jaclyn to be the power couple come merge. Jon needs to take into account that there was only three couples left and if he wants his twosome to stay strong, he needs to think about breaking up the other ones.

In the end, Jon and Jaclyn stuck with Missy and Baylor and sent Dale home. After seeing his name written down twice, let’s hope Keith gets his head out of his butt and starts playing the game.

Next week, it’s merge time. Let’s see if Jaclyn and Jon will begin to regret siding with Missy and Baylor over Dale and Kelley.


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