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Survivor Recap: If I Don’t Want to Win, My Tribe Shouldn’t Win!

survivor recap were a hot mess

survivor recap were a hot mess

Those are the words of a true idiot… or kingpin as Drew calls himself.

Drew, Drew, Drew. It’s one thing to be confident in your gameplay, but there’s another thing to be completely in denial about it.

Drew was sent home in a 5-2-1-1 vote in probably one of the most chaotic tribal councils, in the sense that there was no clear consensus on who was going home. Four people had their names written down.

But how did Drew find his name written down five times? A series of unfortunate and unnecessary events. It all started when Natalie found the flint Jon previously lost. Drew came up with the idea (because he had the balls to do it) to barter with Probst to get some of the fishing equipment (that they had to give up for the replacement flint) back in exchange for the lost one they recently discovered that was never used. Of course Probst shot that idiotic idea down.

Drew took his train of bad decisions to Exile Island after he volunteered to go after Jon beat his girlfriend Jaclyn. Who volunteers to go to Exile Island? Sure there’s a clue to the hidden immunity idol, but seeing that two other people from your tribe have the clue, it’s safe to say that one of them has it. The merge is looming and this is the time you need to solidify those alliances so that you’re sitting in a good position when the merge finally comes.

Next Drew declared to Jaclyn that he was going to throw the upcoming immunity challenge because he need to start getting rid of people on his tribe because they had bad energy. There’s are SO many reasons why you don’t do it.

1. How does one go about throwing a challenge when you’re the only one on your team doing it and without people realizing that you’re not giving 100%?

2. You don’t know what the challenge is or how much Coyopa actually sucks. There has been a season where one tried was really trying to throw the challenge, but the other tribe was so terrible, they still lost. There’s no guarantee it’s going to work 100 percent.

3. If you tribe is on a roll, you want to keep that momentum going, because once it stops, it’s hard to get it back. Plus, you’ve just lit a fire under Coyopa’s butt. They now know they can beat you and that just might be the motivation they need to go on a win streak.

4. Drew made this plan while at Exile Island. He has no clue what’s going on back at camp. He has no idea that Keith told the tribe Jeremy had an idol (when he didn’t), only to find it later.

Drew came through with his promise and threw the challenge, handing Coyopa their first immunity win. And that’s when things got chaotic.

No one could seem to figure out who should be the one to go. In my mind, Coyopa has only two choices: Drew or break up a loved one. That last thing you want going into the merge is an abundance of loved one couples in tack.

Jon wanted Julie to go because she was without her loved one and was an easy vote. Drew was dead set on getting rid of Kelley because he thought she would band the four girls together to pick off the five guys. Jeremy wanted to boot Keith for telling the tribe he had the hidden immunity idol (and he didn’t). Kelly wanted to get rid of Drew… because he’s Drew.

I get that it’s your first tribal council, but how the hell are four names on the table for voting out? It should really be down to two people: the person picked by the majority alliance and the person picked by everyone outside that alliance. Easy.

Drew was sent home by his own premonition. The girls did band together to get a guy out. Jon admitted during tribal that they left not really sure of how the vote was really going. How the hell did the girls managed to figure it out while the boys were still dead set on four different people?

The boys indecision (Jon voted for Keith;Drew voted for Kelly; Keith & Reed voted for Julie) ultimately saved Julie (who Jon got everyone to come to an agreement) and potentially solidified the girls alliance, ousted Keith and Jon and put emotionally unstable Keith into a decent position as he listened to the girls concerns (along with his own) and was the fifth vote against Drew.

Next week, Jon becomes public enemy No. 1 on his tribe, but a potential tribe swap/merge might just change his fate in the game.


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