Survivor Recap: There is Quitting in Survivor


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Remember when Dale was preaching for the last two episodes that Baylor couldn’t be trusted? Keith finally took those words to heart after Baylor and Missy gave him some empty excuse that he’s still with them even though they never told him the plan.

Keith ain’t no country bumpkin. He knew that you when you fool him once, you’re out. When the merge taking place and Keith being reunited with his son, I suspect that Jon and Jaclyn are going to realize that they made a HUGE mistake siding with Missy & Baylor instead Dale & Kelley.

Josh and Jeremy were trying to establish the dominate alliance on the newly merged tribe. Jeremy reeled in his old ties and attempted to amass an alliance with Natalie, Julie, Josh & Jaclyn and Missy & Baylor.

Josh and knew what Jeremy was up to because they were up to the same thing. They approached Jon & Jaclyn and made a pitch for them to keep all the couples together and have a go at final six. While the deal sounds tempting, I would like Jon & Jaclyn to think about their potential position on either alliance.

If they go with Jeremy’s alliance, he could make a final four deal with Missy & Baylor to have the majority in their alliance and can pick off the singles when they get down to the seven of them. However, if they go with Jeremy & Reed, who’s to say that won’t happen to them and Jeremy & Reed make a final four deal with Keith & Wes and send them packing when it gets down to the six of them?

Once again, Jon & Jaclyn were put in the middle of two potential alliances.

Julie’s position in the game dropped when it was discovered that she was hoarding food in her bag from the merge picnic. Her reasoning for it was that if she shared the food, she knew that tribe mates would eat all of the food in a heartbeat. While she was on the beach, Jon went through her bag and discovered her stash and distributed it through the camp. I thought it was against the rules of the game to go through people things. Wasn’t this rule made to prevent castaways from riffling through people’s belongings to confirm whether they had the hidden immunity idol? And it’s an invasion of the little bit of privacy that these people have.

Once Jon found the food, Julie’s statement came true when the rest of the tribe ate all of the food in mere seconds. I get that everyone is mad and hungry because you have no food, but didn’t the mistakes of the former Hunapu wise you to the fact that you need to ration food? I guess not. With Julie’s “betrayal” in the open, Jon & Jaclyn may not want to side with Jeremy and align themselves with Reed & Josh.

But of course, Jon & Jaclyn continue to prove that they have no clue how to play this game and decided that aligning with all the couples was their best move. They agreed that Jeremy was the biggest threat on the island and that he was the next to go.

However, Jeremy lived to fight another day, but at the expense of his alliance when Julie decided to quit the game. With Julie leaving the game, Josh was on top with Jeremy scrambling.

But something tells me that Jon & Jaclyn aren’t don flipping yet. I feel like they go wherever the wind blows and if Jeremy wins immunity next week, I can see them easily swopping back to his alliance.



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