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Exclusive Interview: Lost Girl’s Anna Silk

anna silk interview lost girl

anna silk interview lost girl

Lost Girl will premiere the first half of its final season this Sunday evening on Showcase. The TV Watercooler was lucky enough to visit the Toronto set of the series earlier this year and speak with the show’s lead, Anna Silk, about what’s coming up for her character in the final season of the sci-fi hit.

What can you tell us about the season premiere?
There’s definitely a big event in the first two episodes. When we left off last season, there was a lot of heartbreak at the end of season four. We lost Hale (K.C. Collins), as well as Rainer (Kyle Schmid), who was important to Bo at that point in her life and we lost Kenzi (Ksenia Solo), which is like Bo losing her sister. That death has really fueled Bo coming into season five premiere. I can’t tell you much about the event in this episode, but it’s obviously tied to a bigger storyline, which may not have the consequences that the characters hope.

Will there be a lot of action this season?
There’s definitely a lot of action this season. Bo is strong and she’s able to handle herself but she lives in the Fae world, so everything is a challenge.

anna silk interview lost girl

Will Bo explore her light side? Especially after those deaths.
Well, you what, I think that what it did for her was clear headedness. She comes into this season very clear head with a very clear mission. She’s pretty unstoppable.

The theme for this season is family. The core group of players on our show have become family. So, we’re going to see different dynamics within that group. There will also be some new players as well.

Bo’s light and darkness has really been a struggle for her. She doesn’t know her roots. She doesn’t know her real history. She doesn’t know who her father is, which is a big part of this season. That search is on for her because she hopes that it will give her a lot of answers.

anna silk interview lost girl

You’ve attended Fan Expo here in Toronto. What’s it been like since the show premiered to now? The fans here love Lost Girl.
It’s amazing. It’s funny because just before the first season had aired, Kris [Holden-Ried who plays Dyson] and I went to Fan Expo and no one had heard about the show yet. We ha this little booth set up, which I called the Lost Girl lemonade stand, because it was literally like Kris and I handing out pamphlets about our show. But when we went the following year and walked onto a stage, I swear we felt like the Fae Beatles! We were like, “Wow, that’s amazing.” It’s only grown from there. When we go to Comic Con in San Diego, it’s the same thing. People love us and care about us, which is really nice.

anna silk interview lost girl

Bo is bisexual. Did you feel a responsibility when you took on this role? You don’t really see many bisexual characters on television. They are either gay or straight.
Yeah – well, the only responsibility that I felt was to make sure that every relationship [Bo was in] was authentic. The relationship that she was with Dyson and the relationship that she has with Lauren (Zoie Palmer) are both real. They are important to her and they mean something to her. And then they also mean something to Dyson and Lauren as well. That was the only responsibility that I felt…I had to make them authentic. Even though they live in a supernatural world, you’ve still got to make it authentic.

anna silk interview lost girl

What else can you share about this season?
We are going back to the core group and exploring the different dynamics within that group. But we’re also getting back to the basics of who Bo is. She’s someone who fights for the little guy. She is someone who cares about humans and has an extremely well developed human side. That’s how she grew up. Bo gets to find out how powerful she is as a Fae but also gets to really remember her human side, and I think that it’s not only going to be cool to play, but it will be very important this season.

Lost Girl’s final season will premiere on Sunday, December 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase. The first half of this season will have a midseason finale on Sunday, January 25, with the last half slated to conclude sometime in 2015. Click here to read our interview with Rachel Skarsten (who plays Tamsin).



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