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Survivor Recap: There’s No Flirting in Survivor

Survivor Kind of Like Cream Cheese Recap

Survivor Kind of Like Cream Cheese Recap

Perception is everything in this game and most of these people lack it.

After tribal council, I was shaking my head listening to the stupidity coming out of both Keith and Jon’s mouth. Alec and Reed scolded Keith for derailing their plan by saying “stick to the plan”. However, Keith didn’t see how that statement would’ve alerted the other alliance to their treachery. As for Jon, he thought it was his big idea to use his idol at tribal and totally discredited Natalie and Jaclyn for telling him to use his idol. He didn’t want Natalie to have the credit so the jury thinks it was his idea. jaclyn pointed out that it didn’t matter so why was he stressing over something so small.

At the reward challenge, the major alliance had control and was playing nice when it came down to them. Probst wasn’t having any of the niceness and stopped the game and asked them who was going win. Missy got the ‘W’, Jon volunteered to go the Exile Island (and found another hidden immunity idol), and Missy chose her daughter and Natalie to go on the reward with her.

Jaclyn was pissed at this decision because she assumed that seeing that Jon volunteered to go Exile Island, she was a guaranteed to go to the reward. That’s not how it works dear. This just leads me to believe that these idiots don’t have a final deal within the alliance of five. I think Jaclyn assumed seeing they’re the only couples left in the game, I think they thought they were a lock for final four and didn’t take into consideration how pivotal Natalie’s position in the game is.

While Natalie, Baylor and Missy struck a final three deal (the first of the season), Alec was putting work into Jaclyn and flirting his way into hoping that she would align with them and vote with them. Natalie and Baylor knew that Reed and Alec would try to sway Jaclyn and seeing the way she was flirting with Alec at camp didn’t impress them too much on how she acted when her boyfriend was absent. But does that mean that Jaclyn would actually sway.

The reward challenge was a balancing act and it was down to Jon and Keith with Keith scoring the win.

But who goes home?

Honestly any one. But it looks like Jon and Jaclyn found themselves in the middle YET AGAIN and it was better sticking with their alliance and vote out Reed of flip once again and vote out Missy. You want to know why you guys are always in the middle? It’s because you guys are an island. You’ve never actually fully committed to a side and that’s why people always come to you as the swing vote because you’ve wavered before (twice) and it’s likely you will waver again.

Reed pitched to Jon that they should align together and vote out Missy and he was actually considering it. Why the hell would you align to three strong guys who could easily beat Jaclyn in a challenge? Jon thinks that after Reed tried to blindside you at the last tribal council he wouldn’t try it again. Idiot!!! If you vote out Missy, you’ve pissed off Baylor and Natalie and they could easily join with Reed’s alliance and blindside you. It kills me that you don’t see that, but then again these people are playing in the moment and not looking ahead.

Before tribal council, Jon and Jaclyn got into a fight after Jon snapped at Jaclyn because he just wanted to recalibrate with Jaclyn and all she wanted to talk was strategy. When he finally apologized, Jaclyn was stomping around, refusing to talk to him meaning they haven’t decided if they were going with Reed or sticking to their alliance.

Like Probst said last week, these people are playing in the moment and they can’t stop now.

At tribal council, Jon and Jaclyn was smack in the middle and both alliances had no idea which was they were swaying. They acknowledged the threat that Baylor, Missy and Natalie possessed as being a potential final three, but they failed to realized that Keith, Alec and Reed were essentially a trio.

In the end, Jon and Jaclyn stuck with their alliance and with the aid of Keith and Alec, Reed was sent packing to the jury with his boyfriend in the jury.


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