Pretty Little Liars Recap: Gone Girl

pretty little liars pretty isnt the point recap

pretty little liars pretty isnt the point recap

Guess… who’s.. back?


While I found it weird that a) Aria asked him to follow him to the gym and b) he agreed to do it, does this mean we’re getting more Andrew!!! Please PLL gods let it be so! Andrew jumped firmly on board the liArs train and followed Mike only to find him hiding something in a tree. Andrew was going to grab it, but he thought someone was watching him and he bolted. He brought his intel to Aria and he wanted to help her get the mysterious package from the tree with Aria, but she declined her offer and went by herself. But before she left, Andrew told her that if she ever needed him, he was there for her. With Ezra mysteriously gone from tonight’s episode, Aria better latch herself to Andrew. He’s age appropriate and WAY better looking that Aria.

However, with Andrew’s new inclusion to the second half of the season and it eagerness to join Aria’s spy game, could he be apart of the A-team? Mike is obviously a red herring, but we know from past seasons that people who are trying to help the liArs (Cece, Shana, Mona, Garrett) end up being on the A-team (or a pawn of A) and some end up dead. This would be a great twist if Andrew turned out to be a double agent.

Andrew’s sleuthing proved successful when Aria discovered that Mike was hiding a vile of blood. Before she could escape, Mike found her, but before he could confront her, Aria took off and dropped the vile of blood. Mike followed her home and demanded that he explain everything to Aria.

Surprise, surprise. Mike has joined the LONG list of red herrings this show has successfully throw at us. Mike wasn’t on Team A, he was on Team Mona. Before her death, Mike went to surprise Mona and stumbled upon her storing her blood in viles. She comes clean to Mike told him that A had contacted her and they came up with the plan for Mona to stage a bloody crime scene and frame Alison for her murder. She would have to go away, but her sabbatical would be used to find out the true identity of A, set Alison free and be the hero.

Damn, Mona was going straight Gone Girl!

Gone Girl 1 Gone Girl 2

However, Mona’s “brilliant” plan may have backfired. She was supposed to meet up with Mike, but has been a no-show. But this doesn’t answer why Mike has been meeting with Alison. Turns out her went to her to find out who A was and learned that Alison couldn’t be A because when he met with Cyrus in the creepy diner, Cyrus told him that A got him to take Alison out of town when Mona was was murdered. Looks like A double crossed Mona.

Armed with the truth, how can the girls come clean. They shouted from the rooftops to the townspeople and the police that Alison killed Mona. They got Jason to turn on his sister to get her arrested. Any evidence that could’ve cleared Alison was destroyed because the girls thought Alison was going to frame them for Mona’s murder.

What a mess!

Other highlights:

– Emily teaching Hanna to dance for the pageant. It sucks that Hanna didn’t get in and it sucked even worse that her arch nemesis/step sister Kate was also in the pageant. That girl is already getting a free ride from Hanna’s dad, why is she entering the pageant? Oh wait, because she’s evil.

– Spencer and her fellow tenant broke into a gallery to steal the vandalism/art they created in last week’s episode. They almost got away with it if it wasn’t for that meddling Toby. Officer Cavanaugh was doing his job, responding to a call and Spencer freaked out of him because “he didn’t understand the situation.” Oh Spencer, there’s a line between Toby and Officer Cavanaugh that he cannot cross and you can’t expect him to cross it. He can’t be both to you at the same time. He wasn’t being a jealous boyfriend when he hauled off Johnny to the police station, he was being a cop. Johnny broke the law and he had to pay the consequences. Be lucky Toby didn’t arrest you to. At least this is (hopefully) the last we see of Johnny.


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