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Sindy Nguyen was the second houseguest to be evicted on the third season of Big Brother Canada. The 25-year-old assistant cruise director from Huntsville, ON spoke with us before going to sequester on her eviction, if she has any regrets and who she plans on targeting if she’s given the chance to return to the house!

Sindy with an S! Why didn’t you check to see if anyone else was in the HOH room? Do you think this was your biggest regret? Not realizing that Kevin was in there.

Honestly, everyone was happy that we got to check out the Head of Household. We were all happy to be there and then most of the houseguests left. We just didn’t think about checking the corner. It just didn’t occur to any of us. It was definitely a huge shocker to see Kevin come out.

Was it my biggest regret? No. It definitely did affect my game and put a target on my back. I think my biggest regret was not kissing Jordan sooner, because we could have had more time together.

I do think that my game would have changed if Kevin wasn’t there (listening in the HOH room) because I knew that I was on people’s radar based on competition but I wasn’t on people’s radar as a target right away. I wish things could change, but it happened. I gotta suffer the consequences!

You found yourself on the block for the second week and were voted out 12-0. Where do you think you went wrong with the other houseguests?

The fact that something actually happened in the house was a huge shock. Everyone was super super nice in the house to the most ridiculous level that I’ve seen in my life. It was hard to know who was working with who and who you could trust or align yourself with.

Was anybody really talking game? We were at a point where we got to know more about each other’s sex life, personal life and work life than the actual game. So even though it was hard to convince the houseguests — because they don’t even know where they want to go — so this person is kind of yelling at everyone (ie. Graig) so let’s just stay with that influence and not think outside the box. They didn’t want to take that risk and wanted to be safe as it was still really early in the game. I did my best to try to get people to think about game and me staying an extra week means that I was still a target and I was there safe for another week but it was really hard to stay and convince an entire house that.

Do you think there could have been something real between yourself and Jordan? Was it simply strategy – did you kiss him to get a vote to stay in the house?

It was never a strategy. It was never for a vote. Jordan is a great guy. He’s so cute and quirky. I definitely had a huge crush on him. I was definitely giddy after our make out session on the couch. But, I don’t think that Jordan was a big enough influence to use it as a strategy. He’s too sweet of a guy for me to do anything like that to him. If I do get back in the house, if he didn’t already take Willow out on that date and if he hasn’t gotten over me, I hope we can continue what we have.

Looking back, who would you have aligned yourself with to better your chances of staying?

Looking back, I wish I could have secured something. I knew that I was working with Graig & Bruno and Neaha & Sarah. Both sides said that they wanted to work together with all five. But nothing was officially being done. Everyone was afraid to be alone in a room with more than two people because they are afraid that people will see and go “Oh my god, they are totally talking game! They are probably in an alliance together.”

sindy big brother canada 3

Can you explain what happened with Graig? You were clear about not wanting to hug him when you were evicted and were saying your goodbyes?

I don’t know if you guys saw this or know what happened, but Graig was the reason where the camera accusations started from. Godfrey fed off of that and attacked me. But at least Godfrey had the decency to come and see me and apologize. At least he has taken the responsibility to apologize for what he has done.

Graig had the audacity to come up and not apologize and still accuse me of breaking the camera. I honestly don’t care if you’re a pro baseball player and I don’t care about your life — that’s why I fell asleep and I was tired. I didn’t have the same energy [as Graig]. So, if Graig apologized the time that he should have not when he found out that it was a prank and give me a fake apology. Then, things would have been different. But he didn’t. He definitely showed his true colours to me and if I get to come back, I’ll definitely be targeting him from the start.

You may get a chance to go back inside the house. How would you do things differently? Who you align yourself with or keep your distance from?

Knowing the information that I know now and who stayed true to me and who was very rude and obnoxious, I would align myself with Jordan, Sarah, Neaha. I want to work with Bruno, but I’d be very cautious with him because he’s very close with Graig.

Target-wise, I’d go after Graig for obvious reasons. Kevin, because if it wasn’t for him, this wouldn’t have happened. Of course, Bobby, because I did offer him two weeks of safety and he didn’t take it. If I get to go back in the house, I’m going to show him what could have happened and why he picked the wrong side.

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