Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Kevin Martin

kevin big brother canada

kevin big brother canada

Kevin Martin, the Calgary-born professional poker player was one of the second houseguests evicted in last Thursday’s crazy Triple Eviction episode of Big Brother Canada. We got a chance to chat with Kevin about going from HOH to being evicted within a week, if aligning with Zach hurt his game and who he’d crown as winner right now.

You went from being HOH to getting evicted within the same week. Must have been hard. Did you or the house think there would be a double eviction this week, let alone a triple?
Saying that it was hard would be the biggest understatement of my life! We all suspected a double eviction. It had to happen because there were a lot of people in that house and it was pretty late in the game. The triple bomb was something that we were floored with. We were shocked!

Overhearing Sindy and the other girls plot gave you some life in the game. Do you think this was the best thing to have happened that week? Do you think it kept you in the game longer and put a target on her (Sindy) instead?
Absolutely! It was such a big moment. This one thing was so drastic. It was the first week and I’m put up as a target by the Chop Shop and I here this precious information… I was able to go to Graig and light a fire over the house. It was so beautiful how the house flipped. I was the main target and then I slipped back into the shadows. It was such a big moment for me and yes, it help further me in those next weeks. It was one of the best game-things to happen to me in the house.

When you are making alliances inside the house (like the one with Zach), does a houseguest ever think about viewer perception? For clarification, does worrying about outside perception affect a houseguest from aligning with a certain person or group?
I think outside perception affects some of the houseguests and how they play. For myself, I promised myself that I would play this game whether there are cameras or not. I’m going to play my full potential no matter what. I would align with anyone who I thought was going to give me the best chance. I thought it was Zach! I still think that was a good decision. Triple eviction and I’m sitting here. You can have regrets, but no — aligning with Zach, I would have done it whether people like him or not.

kevin big brother canada

Do you think joining Zach’s side or having a showmance with Pilar hurt your game? If so, is this now something that you regret?
Tough question. Hindsight is 20/20… Aligning myself with Zach was good because he was a bigger target than me. I mean, I think it was good. Having a showmance with Pilar, probably brought a little more heat to me. But, it’s gonna happen. You’re spending over 50 days with these people and attractions develop. You’re going to hang out with who you need to hang out with. I think that they were alright game moves.

Who do you think has played the best game so far? Who’d you crown the winner at this moment if you had to pick? Also, who wouldn’t it be?
It’s so tough. There are seven people left and they are so deserving. If I could cast a vote right now, I would vote for Godfrey. How crazy this guy has played… The fact that he’s still there defies the statistical odds. So my vote would be for him.

Someone who I’d not vote for at all would be Brittnee. She’s just emotional. She hasn’t played well. Wouldn’t vote for B, would vote for Godfrey.

With three evictions this week, the house was really shook up. Adding to that shake up, Bruno used the Power of Veto to save Zach. How do you foresee the next week going? Do you have any predictions on who could be joining you guys in jury next week?
How do you see the next week going? Ohhhh [Laughs]. I think that Sarah came off really badly during the eviction. A lot of heat on Sarah. If I’d make a guess, I’d say that Sarah would be joining me very quickly.

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