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Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Sindy Nguyen – Take 2!

sindy big brother canada evicted again

sindy big brother canada evicted again

Sindy Nguyen was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house for the second time this past week. We caught up with Sindy to talk about the impact her return had on the house, who she thinks is deserving of winning the game and how she feels about reuniting with Jordan in the jury house.

Sorry to see you leave again. You made quite the impact these past two weeks. You managed to flip the house last week, which was a great accomplishment. It seemed like there was some hope of having the house flip again, but what do you think went wrong? Were there some connections like Bruno and Bobby that you couldn’t convince?

I really had high hopes that I could flip the house again this week even though my previous plans of getting me off the block didn’t work. Bruno and Bobby were very hard to convince. They were stuck in their ways and as much I wanted them to think that game-wise it was better for them to keep me, they weren’t happy that I came back and blew up their game.

It was also very hard for Sarah and Willow to vote against Brittnee because they had those two extra weeks with her that they didn’t have with me. They were all very close. It was hard for me to campaign against her but I had to do what I had to do… Unfortunately I didn’t succeed. It was a tough call because the house was very awkwardly split in a certain way.

What’s with all the floaters this season? Do you think houseguests like Willow, Pillar and Ashleigh have any skills? Are you worried they will go far in the game just because of their showmances or alliances?

Yes and no. I feel that after my week there, I lit up a fire inside Willow. She’s now playing the game and I’m happy that she’s aligned with Sarah and Brittnee at the moment. Hopefully that will take her far.

Ashleigh and Pili… The only reason they are there right now is their showmances and it’s also because everybody knows that if you were to take Ashleigh or Pili to final two, no one in the right mind would give them that $100,000 prize and the title of being the Big Brother Canada season three winner. No one will ever give it to them.

In a game sense, I personally thought that if I were to take anyone to the final two, I would take Ashleigh with me because I would win over her. Hands down. But I think that everyone would win over Pili and Ashleigh! They’re definitely going to stay longer than expected but if people start attacking the showmances, that’s when they’re going to start putting Pili and Ashleigh on the block.

How would you have gone about dismantling “the other side”? (This would be Zach, Ashleigh, and so on) Do you think it can still be done or should viewers expect Zach and his crew to make to the end?

I definitely think that it could still be done because there are showmances. Originally my plan was to put up Kevin and Pili if I had won HOH and if either one of them took themselves down, then Zach would have been the replacement nominee. There are plans being put in place but it’s all down the fact that if the other side (my side) can win HOH to put this into affect. If these couples continue winning these competitions, then I’m sorry, the other side of Kevin, Zach, Ashleigh and Pili can win this game. I don’t want them to because this game isn’t about showmances, this is Big Brother. Start to play the game and stop thinking that your eyes and your legs can secure your spot further in the future.

Who do you believe in the most that will shake things up now that you are not there? Who would be a real threat to that other side?

I don’t know if anyone is going to shake things up in there. We’re down to the point where they have to start attacking each other. I would like to think that what I had done wasn’t done in vain. I hope that Sarah and Brittnee will start a stir in the house and I know that when they do, they are putting huge targets on their back. But, I didn’t let that affect me and I hope that they start to think that most of them will end up in jury. You might as well take the chance or else you’re going to leave this house knowing if you’ve done nothing but float around.

How do you feel about reuniting with Jordan in the jury house?

Very awkward. I don’t know if he knew that I campaigned against him. I don’t know how he really feels right now.

On a personal level, I’m really glad that if I were to spend any time with someone in the jury house that it’s Jordan. Maybe we can get to know each other a little better because we technically only had seven days out of the whole season together and officially only one day as a showmance because that’s when he officially asked me on my “birthday.”

I’m excited, nervous and awkward at the same time.

If you had to crown a winner right now, who would it be and why? Also, who wouldn’t it be?

Such a tough question because who would have thought that halfway through the season we would still have more than half the houseguests. There are still 10 people in the house, so if I had to pick anyone, I would pick Bruno because he’s playing a great game. He still competes competitively with one less hand. He has a great social game.

I wouldn’t be Pili or Ashleigh because they are just floaters. Pili had the opportunity to make a move and she didn’t take it. Ashleigh hasn’t done much but burp, so I don’t think she would win.

Who would you like to see in the jury house with you next week?

I would love to see Bobby in the jury house even though he’s kind of working with my girls right now. I don’t want him completely out but he is so annoying that I need him gone!

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