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Big Brother had its first live double eviction of the summer last Thursday night with Shelli and Jackie being evicted all within an hour of each other. The TV Watercooler was able to have a quit chat with these evicted houseguests before they were sequestered off to the jury house.

Here’s our second interview from that night, with Jackie Ibarra, the 27-year-old professional dancer from Las Vegas.

After playing The Amazing Race together, you and Jeff really laid low. Do you regret not working together and becoming a power duo?

My strategy coming in to the game was to be as none-threatening as possible. It was really hard coming in to the game with a teammate and being looked at as a power duo. Jeff’ strategy was different than mine and he wanted to play the game hard right at the beginning versus myself who wanted to take my time. Slow and steady wins the race… Or gets to the jury.

Double evictions are always hard as so much happens in that hour. Can you talk us through going up on the block and then not being saved by the veto – did you try to make any deals during this short time?

As soon as I was nominated on the block with Meg, I knew I was going home if I didn’t win the veto. I feel in a double eviction, no one wants to get any blood on their hands and it is easier for things to work out if its course and when not winning the veto, I knew it was over.

The house didn’t get rid of Vanessa, instead Shelli was sent to jury. Do you think this is a decision that the house will regret?

I think the only person who would regret this would be Becky. I know she really wanted us to evict Vanessa. If Steve and John are regretting sending home Shelli then they would have expressed their opinions versus sitting back and letting the house to decide. So, they have no say.

If you had the opportunity to go back in the house, who would you align yourself with? Who would you target?

If I were to go back in the house, I would still align myself with the same people and be on their side to target whomever they see fit.

Who are you rooting for to make it far in the game?

James, Meg and Becky.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Global and CBS.


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