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10 Singers Who Should Consider Doing Carpool Karaoke

adele carpool karaoke

adele carpool karaoke

After snagging Adele for his latest instalment of Carpool Karaoke, the possibilities should be endless on singers who should be booking an appearance on an edition of this viral sensation.

While Adele is currently the most-viewed video with over 55 million views, Corden has scored hits with One Direction (32.8 million views) and two Justin Bieber editions (80 million views total). Corden also had Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, Carrie Underwood and Jason Derulo as guests on the late night segment.

Seeing that Carpool Karaoke has scored major success for the show (rivalling that of Lip Sync Battle on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon), there are so many singers that would be great for this segment.

With British acts Coldplay and Sir Elton John hoping in the car to sing some of their tunes with Corden in future episodes, who else should consider booking The Lat Late Show for their own edition of Carpool Karaoke?


Rhianna has been MIA as of late and her upcoming album has been highly anticipated. With a full-scale world tour starting this spring, why not hop in the Range Rover with Corden to sing one of her many tunes. Plus, who else thinks the chemistry between RiRi and Corden would be INSANE.

Possible song choices: Work, Bitch Better Have My Money, Umbrella, What’s My Name

Mary J. Blige

You gotta give props to Corden for not just having current artists on Carpool Karaoke by inviting Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart and Mariah Carey on the show. While these videos didn’t score as many views as 1D or the Biebs, Corden shouldn’t abandon having seasoned artists on the show. Mary J. Blige is having a career resurgence with her amazing podcast and recently turning her heads in The Wiz. I thinks she and Corden would absolutely slay her classics.

Possible songs choices: Real Love, Just Fine, I’m Going Down, No More Drama

The Voice judges

They’ve already done it for The Voice, so why not trap them in a car together and have them sing each other’s tunes while Corden drives them around LA. This one may be a while seeing that Stefani will not be returning this upcoming season. And while returning judge Christina Aguilera has a great voice (and great songs), you have to admit that the chemistry with Stefani, Shelton, Levine and Pharrell is the best the show has ever had. But once, she returns for the fall edition of the series, The Late Late Show should consider having them on even though their show is on a different network.

Possible song choices: Hollerback Girl, This Love, Neon Light, any No Doubt song, Happy, Lapdance

Kendrick Lamar

Rap is a hard one, mainly because of all of the swearing, but that’s why you have radio edit versions. Corden had Iggy Azalea on when people were starting to be over Iggy. And it showed in the lacklustre amount of views her appearance on the segment had. This doesn’t mean the show should abandon having rappers on; they just need to be more selective. While Lamar has a great relationship with Stephen Colbert, I couldn’t see why he can’t branch out with James Corden.

Possible song choices: Alright, Money Trees, I, Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe


If Kendrick isn’t available, why not take a trip to the 6ix and get resident 6ix God Drake in the car with Corden. With a stint on Saturday Night Live under his belt, Drake knows how to improve and will definitely make his appearance on the show a HIGHLY memorable one. Plus, could you imagine him and Corden doing the Hotline Bling dance in a parking lot?

Possible song choices: Hotline Bling, Back to Back (with an appearance by 6 Dad Norm Kelly), Started From The Bottom, Hold On We’re Going Home

Demi Lovato

She already had her name dropped during the One Direction edition of Carpool Karaoke, where they all agreed that Demi has an amazing voice. She already did a segment for the show, which wasn’t really that great, but the two had chemistry and bounced well off each other. Demi should make a repeat appearance on The Late Late Show during Carpool Karaoke to redeem her last appearance on the show.

Possible song choices: Cool For The Summer, Confident, I Really Don’t Care, Heart Attack

Taylor Swift

Whether you like T-Swizzle or not, you know that she’s a good time. She already did something similar for BBC Radio 1 and it was pretty great. Imagine her and Corden going back and forth singing all her hits? Gold. She could also teach him the Do’s and Don’t’s of dancing at awards shows.

Possible song choices: Anything off 1989.


Just think. Corden and Sia shopping at a wig store so Corden could get his very own signature Sia-inspired look. It would be great. Judging by her talk show appearances on Ellen and The Graham Norton Show, Sia is a good time.

Possible song choices: Elastic Heart, Chandelier, Reaper

Ariana Grande

I may not be an Arianator, but I will admit that when Ariana appears on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon she’s a good time. If she’s able to go back and forth with Fallon, she will be in good hands with James Corden.

Possible song choices: Break Free, Focus, One Last Time


This is an ultimate get, but we all know that Beyonce doesn’t really do appearances that aren’t awards shows. Then again, she appeared on Lip Sync Battle for mere moments and slayed. If she ever graced Carpool Karaoke with her presence, it would be nothing short of amazing.

Possible song choices: who cares… it’s BEYONCE!!!

The Late Late Show with James Corden airs nightly at 12:30am on CBS. Beginning Feb. 8, the series will move from CTV Two to CTV in Canada.



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