Big Brother Canada Exit Interview: Christine Kelsey


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Christine Kelsey, the 47-year-old housekeeper from Vancouver, BC, was the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

We chat with Christine about being “mean,” why nobody hasn’t made a big move yet and who in the house has the most growing up to do.

You had the reputation of being mean. Did you see it that way or were you just being honest?

Yeah, I can be misconstrued of being mean because of my honesty. Nobody in the house thought I was mean, ever. So I don’t think I had the reputation of being mean. I’m honest and straightforward and sometimes it gets interpreted like that.

Why don’t you think anyone has made a big move yet? Even Dallas said he wanted his POV to mean something but then he chickened out.

Everybody in the house has been chickening out and it’s really annoying! Everybody says they want to make a big move and then they never do. I’m hoping that this week somebody kicks it up.

Which houseguest do you think has the most growing up to do?

Phil. Because he seems to be the most immature. About girls, life… Nick is much more mature than him. Phil has a lot of learning to do. I like him as a person, but he’s very immature.

Had you won an HOH, what move would you had made?

If I won HOH I would have put up the brothers and Jared. If they won the POV, I would have put up Loveita because that way, I’m getting rid of one of those three powerhouses in the house.

Who do you think is playing the best game inside the house? Why?

I don’t know who is playing the best game. It’s really tricky. Jared’s playing a good game but I don’t know if it will take him to the end.

Tim is playing the best game actually, now that I think about it! He’s been there before, he’s smarter than the rest. More mature. Wiser. He’s just got it going on. That guy’s a force in the house.

Who do you think is playing the worst game inside the house? Why?

I think that would be Loveita because she’s one way one minute and then another way another minute. Nobody knows what she’s up to. Nobody likes her in the house. She’s not playing a very good game.

You said you would have been ready to make a big move yet you could have had that opportunity last week when you won the veto. Did you play hard just to win they money? Why didn’t you use the veto?

Using the veto was a power move. There were two forces in the house at that time: Jared and Kelsey and Loveita and Sharry. They were the two forces that everybody was scared of. I broke up that force. I deflated Loveita. Now she’s nothing. There’s only one force left. So that was a big move by keeping those nominations the same and getting rid of one of them. Together, they were trouble, so why wouldn’t I want to break that up? Now look, Loveita’s got nobody.

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