Survivor Recap: Wonder Twin Powers Activate

survivor circle of life recap

survivor circle of life recap

Whoa whoa whoa… a Super idol?!?! When you combine two hidden immunity idols together, you can use it after the votes have been read. That’s an amazing twist. I wonder who will be the idiot this season to squander it?

Don’t believe me? Last season, Stephen Fishbach won the ability to steal someone’s vote at tribal, giving him two votes. He stole Joe’s vote, but instead of using both votes on one person, he split the vote and he ended up going home. On Survivor: Worlds Apart, Dan Foley won the ability to vote twice. However, Tyler told everyone in the tribe that he could do that (without Dan knowing). He thought he was sending Carolyn home, she used her idol and sent him home.

Here’s to hoping that someone uses this Super idol for good and not for stupidity.


Over on the Braun tribe, Alecia knew she was at the bottom of the tribe so she went looking for the idol. However, she forgot two key components of Survivor: 1) discretion is key and 2) ALWAYS search for the idol by yourself.

As much as Alecia trusts Cyndy, she should have NEVER went looking for the idol with her. You can’t share it. Also, when you find the clue, DON’T LEAVE IT BEHIND!!! Take it with you and put in your person. Alecia found the clue, took off and left the clue lying on the ground for Kyle to find with ease, eventually leading him to the idol. What a bonehead. After that massive blunder, she thought he status in the game went from being at place of power to being at the bottom. Ma’am, you were almost voted out in two tribal councils, you were never in a place of power.

shaking head

At the immunity challenge, the beauty tribe proved that dumb isn’t forever and won their third straight immunity win. It was neck and neck between Brain and Braun, but Braun managed to squeak out a win and avoided going back to tribal council, sending Brain tribe to council.

But who do you send home?

Debbie is the obvious choice. This is the Brain tribes’ first visit with Jeff and the vote should be an easy one. They’ve had a few days to suss people out and form some sort of an alliance. While Debbie has the deemed the token person you bring to the end that no one will vote for, I think you should be scared of her because she’s the token wildcard. She’s unpredictable and you can’t tell her what to do and expect her to fall in line.

Case and point, Aubrey told Debbie that Neal was going home. Debbie ain’t got time for that and told Neal of Liz and Peter’s plan. See people. Wildcard.


Like Jennifer last week, Aubrey was regretting the plan and told Debbie that Peter needed to go because she was sick of him telling her what to do.

At tribal council, Peter pretty much decreed his plan to the tribe, ousted his alliance with Liz and pretty much said they were the smartest people there and that Neal was a “snake in ice cream pants”. Has Peter every watched Survivor before? Telling people constantly how smart you are doesn’t give you a one-way ticket to the finale, it sends you on the walk of shame down the dark walkway wondering what you did wrong.

In the end, the voting pairs stuck to their guns and voted for either Liz, Peter or Aubrey. Wow. Two ties in three episodes. With Liz, Peter and Aubrey ineligible to vote, it was in the hands of Debbie, Joe and Neal and they voted to send Peter’s girl Friday packing.

I’m actually kind of surprised Debbie, Neal, Joe and Aubrey didn’t band together and send Peter home. All them expressed concerns about him down the road, but none of them wrote his name down. They will soon live to regret that.

Next week, people start dropping like files, but the season of Jeff shouting “MEDICAL” has begun.


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