Survivor Recap: Beauty Has To Go

survivor recap beauty has to go

survivor recap beauty has to go

After Caleb nearly died on the beach and Alecia got voted off the island to pander why her tribe didn’t like her, it was looking like Joe might lose his finger. But Dr. Peter was on the case and said he was nothing to worry about.

Talk about foreshadowing.



Nothing says Survivor like a tribal swap. With Julia headed off to exile, the remaining tribes are interesting. One tribe got an equal split of two beauty, two braun and two brain tribe members, while the other was left with three brains, two beauty and one braun. Methinks Scott might be in some trouble.

You know who’s not in trouble? Kyle and Noel. Noel found the third hidden immunity idol and now that he’s on the same tribe as Kyle who also has the idol, here’s to thinking we don’t have to wait long for the special power to be used and it will be used to make an amazing tribal council.

It looks like both tribes wanted to get rid of a beauty tribe member. At Chan Loh, Kyle and Cyndy were the bells of the ball. Both beauty and brain were pitching them to become a foursome to have the power in the tribe. While at Gondol, The three brain and the one braun knew that they had to get rid of one of the two beauty members, seeing that Julia would be returning from exile to replace them. Anna did the Survivor math and knew that it was between her and Tai. She did her best to convince her new tribe mates about how shady Tai was searching for the idol when their tribe was trying to preach unity.

At the immunity challenge, Chan Loh steam rolled through the puzzle, sending Gondol to tribal. Anna knew that she had to continue to throw Tai under the bus to save herself. But Tai, completely changed her views when he pulled out the idol and told her that they vote out Peter and he uses his idol to save himself. Great plan.


However, Scott was told that the plan was to vote for Anna and not Tai. And knowing that Scott has an idol and what two idols can do together, he told Tai not to use it because Anna was the one going home. Scott’s ego is too big for the beach, but damn the game is perfectly unfolding for him.

At tribal, after debating whether there was an idol and the apparently low possibility of Scott, Anna and Tai teaming up (seriously Peter is too much for me), Anna was completely blindsided by her tribe. Lesson learned for future poker players who want to play Survivor: just because you bluff people for a living, doesn’t mean that skill translates into playing Survivor. Anna played a little too hard once the tribe swapped by trying to get Tai voted out that she completely forgot to take into account how important Tai is in day-to-day life at camp. You NEVER vote out to the person who provides food to the tribe… especially before the merge.

Next week, Debbie gets her flirt on while Joe slips into Special Agent Phillip territory.

special agent philip


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