Big Brother Canada Season 4 Wrap Up: Kelsey

big brother canada finale kelsey

big brother canada finale kelsey

Big Brother Canada’s fourth season came to an end on Thursday, May 12 with brothers Nick and Philippe Paquette from Ottawa winning over Kelsey Faith. During the press day on Friday, I got a chance to talk to Kelsey about being sequestered with Loveita, Cassandra’s reaction during her finale speech and more.

What a finale night. How are you doing?
Kelsey: I’m doing pretty good. I feel a little weird, obviously.

Why do you feel weird?
Kelsey: I feel like everybody else had some time to decompress about everything and I’m just so fresh out of this house. It’s weird to experience real-life things! But I feel really good. I’m proud of the way the game went. I’m happy about what happened yesterday.

You went through a lot. You were even evicted at one point.
Kelsey: Yes. Lived in a room!

How was that?
Kelsey: It was a very strange experience. Especially because I had sort of convinced myself and was okay with the fact that I was going home… I was going to go see my friends and family. And then to be put into this room. I was panicking. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to do it. I was in there with Loveita, who at the time was a rival to me in the game. We didn’t see eye to eye. Then it really turned out to be good. Loveita and I had time to squash everything and become friends. The more time I spent in that room, the more I wanted to get back into the house. I felt that I had a lot of unfinished business there and wanted to get back in so bad!

How hard was it to give your finale speech and then have Cassandra roll her eyes?
Kelsey: That was a very disappointing moment for me because when Cassandra left the house, I realized that I was part of the group who evicted her but I was also the sole person that kept her in the house for a week longer. She talked to me about her game and I was really there for her. I was her friend and I thought she was there for me as a friend. I heard some of the things she’s been saying now outside of the house and it’s really disappointing. I’m giving my speech and I was just taken so off guard by what she was doing. I didn’t know she felt that way about me. It really threw me off. It was a heartbreaking moment because I was excited to give my final speech, I thought it was so good but then I just couldn’t get it out. It is what it is. It happened… It’s fine.

Do you think you had a bitter jury?
Kelsey: A very bitter jury. I didn’t really understand why. They seemed upset with the people who were sitting there. They didn’t even seem to want to hear us out. Everything that we said, they were disagreeing with. It was a hard thing to try to talk to these people.

Which brother is more deserving of the prize?
Kelsey: Maybe Nick because he won all the comps and I used to make fun of Phil who only won two. You know what, they both played a great game and both deserve it equally.

Would you be surprised if I told you that most people have answered Nick?
Kelsey: No! I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Which is funny because I think coming into the house, most people would have answered Phil.

He was the super fan.
Kelsey: He was the super fan and was the one who ran the show. He talked all the game. Nick wasn’t allowed to talk, ever. So yeah, good for Nick! He really pulled through.

What was your favourite moment?
Kelsey: Whenever Jared or Raul had HOH and we got to hang out in that room together.

Worst moment?
Kelsey: Being on slop for the second week in a row and having a complete meltdown… Or the last two HOHs, they were really bad.

Who was the most annoying?
Kelsey: Maddy.

Most attractive?
Kelsey: Jared.

Kelsey: Raul.

Best cook?
Kelsey: Me!

Kelsey: Cassandra.

Who should have won?
Kelsey: I should have won.


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